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Acceptable anniversary present for husband?

Asked by wildflower (11180points) June 29th, 2008

Lads: For your 2 year anniversary, how would you feel about a t-shirt, hand-printed by your wife with a design she’d made for the occasion? (it’s kinda like tree branches, 2 big ones for the years we’ve been married and 6 smaller branches for the years we were together before marriage)? I’ve seriously tried to come up with gift ideas, but drew a blank, so this is the best I can think of right now….....any thoughts?

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Obviously a very creative idea. How would you feel about applying that design to something more permanent, more like a framed print or something that could be displayed as artwork?

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I thought about that, but since I’m very strict on not accepting gifts for the house as a present for me (he knows what would happen if he bought me an ironing board), didn’t think that’d be fair….

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Well, I would guess that he wouldn’t be as strict about the standard, and it’s certainly in a different class than an ironing board. I guess I don’t see it as a “for the house” kind of gift.

By the way, here are my girlfriend’s two suggestions.

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Thanks kevbo. Maybe I’ll make both. And I like the book suggestions too :)

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Yeah, you’ve created an image to represent you two’s story, which is lovely. I assume it comes with very-happy-about-him wife, which I think is mainly what husbands want on anniversaries.

House decor can be tricky – depends on the people. Personally, I’m not a big fan of framed pictures, though.

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That is an awesome idea! Very thoughtful and creative! I think he will love it!

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how about hand printing the design on an ironing board cover?

and add in a big bag of potato chips….husbands love potato chips.

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I think it would be a lovely gift. How will you give it to him? You could up the romantic quotient by presenting it in a favorite place that you two go or went on a special occasion.

You could, if your home is permanent, accompany it by a real tree that you two could plant together. Andy & I have trees we’ve left in different places we’ve lived that we think of as part of our legacy.

I have always treasured things my husband has made me more than any other gifts.

Happy anniversary!

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creativity and thoughtfulness always wins.

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Cigars. A big box of Macanudos. Throw in a nice humidor while you’re in a generous mood.
Don’t forget the scotch. Single-malt, preferably an older Glenfiddich.

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Nice suggestions!
I went ahead with the t-shirt and painted the same image on a card. Hallmark won’t be making any money on this one :)

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don’t forget the body paint!

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