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What rug should I buy under full size bed?

Asked by Mandeblind (420points) January 26th, 2014

So I want to put my bed on the floor. I want to have a rug under it which is a little bit bigger than the full size bed so it looks nice.

If I get a 2 X 3 rug, would it work or be too small?

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Full-sized bed is 76” x 54.” The rug should therefore be bigger than that. 2’ x 3’ translates to 24” x 36”.

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A full-size mattress in the US is ~53“x80” or 4’5“x6’8”; therefore, a 2’x3’ rug would be way too small.

If you want enough room on both sides and the foot of the bed for people to walk on the rug, you’d want about 8’x9’ or close to it. If the bed will be in a corner so you only need to extend beyond one side and the foot, 6’x9’ should do.

If your 2×3 was referring to meters, then it would be fine if the bed is in a corner; 3×3 meters if you want the rug to extend on 3 sides.

What we did was just get runners to put along the sides and foot of the bed, since the space under the bed is covered by the bed anyway… That saved us some money.

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I’m presuming that you meant that in meters, in which case a 2m x 3m rug would certainly be large enough to fit under a single mattress and extend around the edges a bit. But why put a rug under a mattress on the floor in the first place? Who cares (or will even know, except that they can see the margins of it around the mattress) what is underneath?

I’d suggest small rugs, even narrow runners, that you can place alongside the mattress, instead of a larger rug that will be mostly wasted underneath.

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Is there an echo in here? My last 2 paragraphs seem to have repeated… ;-P

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@CWOTUS I was concerned about mole and bedbugs. so would it matter?

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If you change and clean the bedding regularly, and the bed’s occupant/s have good hygiene, then bedbugs should not be a problem. If the floor and the room’s atmosphere are dry, then mold shouldn’t be an issue, either, I think.

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@Mandeblind – If you spill something on a carpet that the mattress sits directly on top of, the liquid could spread and sop up into the mattress; it seems to me that using runners would make keeping the mattress clean and dry even easier. Another option would be to get a waterproof, hypoallergenic mattress cover to put around your mattress to provide a barrier to moisture and critters.

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a standard 5 foot by 7 foot rug fits perfectly under a full sized bed, with a small amount of rug sticking out on all sides. I have a full sized bed with a 5×7 under neath it. I like my feet to be on the rug, not the hardwoods before crawling into bed.

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