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Would you buy water at a water machine located in the vicinity of a fuel station?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) January 26th, 2014

There is one of those penguin water machines located in the vicinity of the Arco around the block. Is this water safe?

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I’m not aware of what a penguin water machine is. I assume it’s one of those that’s connected to a municipal water supply and it filters and cleans the water before it dispenses it. I would like it to be inside a store, but yes, I’d buy water from such a machine.

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Why wouldn’t it be unless you live somewhere that does not follow any safety regulations.

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I would. It is true that gas stations are likely to have toxins in the soil (for example it is standard practice to do soil tests when investors buy old gas station locations for development) but I don’t see why you would worry about the water if it was from water lines in good repair or bottled water brought in.

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Sure. But don’t use the hose connected to a faucet for drinking water. That hose gets put into radiators and laid down on the floor of the service bays, and the hose will be full of toxins.

But the drinking water dispenser should be fine.

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@XOIIO Well I don’t want to be drinking toxins from the gas stations soil… and who know’s if all the piping has been updated or regulated underneath.

And Fracking is supposedly, under “Safe Regulations” but that water is obviously viewable and tainted… Just felt that it’s highly possible this water machine on site at a gas station had some possibilities of being toxic. I guess I won’t know until I try it! Haha

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You will save time and money by installing an RO water system in your home. $200 from Costco.

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I would use the one at the grocery store mainly because its far far more convenient to pick up my water there rather than at a gas station.

If you have any doubts about the source of the water, asking the owner (NOT just the clerk on duty) if its connected to the municipal water supply (tap water for the entire town’s location) should give you more definitive info.

Or call Penguin and ask them how they protect their water source from ground contamination.

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