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Will someone give me feedback on a letter to my ex?

Asked by LeavesNoTrace (5663points) January 26th, 2014

I have some things I need to say to him but don’t want to throw this one to the proverbial dogs. I’ll private message you the note. Please keep comments in PM as well. Thanks!

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If you send it to me, I could have a look at it in the next 12 hours.

that is…

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I will by around 11 am EST Monday.

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I can take a look at it now if you want. Or some other time, I will continue to be available from 8 am to 2 pm (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

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I’m willing to read it, but I’ll tell you now that I think sending your ex a letter is a horrible idea.

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PM me and I’ll look at it later today.

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Ha! I’ve done this many times for my daughter. I will be glad to look at it for you.

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Sure pm me and I’ll take a look

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I’ll help too. PM me, if you want

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Feel free to PM me.

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From what you’ve told us, I think making any contact with him is a horrible idea too.

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Write the letter, be as venemous and enraged as you can, PM it to all the nice people who offered to read it, then file it and move on. Don’t mail it to him.

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What a great idea, @gailcalled . I do think @LeavesNoTrace just needs to vent, and that is a healthy thing to do, so writing it down and putting it away somewhere would be great. As far as mailing it or giving it to him, you know he isn’t going to read it, or understand it, or take it to heart, or even care. And it might just enrage him into doing something mean or dangerous. Besides, he doesn’t even deserve an explanation or any further contact from her.

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here is a question? IF you don’t want to post it here for everyone to view it, how will you feel IF your ex posted it anyways?
Never write nor send anything that may one day come back to haunt you.
I beleive that the letter is really for your benefit ( to be acknowledged and heard) rather than for anyone else….so wirte it then burn it.

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Sending a letter to your ex is a bad idea, he is your EX for a reason.. Unless you have kids together, you will more than likely will need to stay in touch. I know the urge to contact an ex, specially right after the breakup, but take it from me, been there done that, it’s a big mistake that you will regret. Good luck.

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