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Do you have any lucky charms?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) January 27th, 2014

Do you believe in luck, or do you think it is all superstition?

Explain yourselves.

I don’t know how much I can thank you.

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Of course it is all superstition.

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Amulets (charms) are an ancient concept and practice – dating back to pre-Roman and pre-Hebrew days, with the idea that some physical thing – a rock, a piece of wood, etc., could in some way deliver god’s blessing to the wearer.

This is followed today by people who wear crucifixes around their necks (or Jewish stars, etc.).

Of course, there is no evidence that wearing a piece of metal around your neck provides any magical powers at all.

If there is one thing that can be said for a charm, it is that the charm acts as a reminder of the person’s faith, which MIGHT have some indirect effect on their actions. Maybe,

But I’m not sure that holds water either. Look at the mug shots of a bunch of criminals or arrestees. A significant number of them are wearing crosses…. so the reminder to be good had no effect on their behavior.

As for me – no charms.

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If these sort of things really could grant the wearer luck, then finding a 4-leaf clover would make it more likely for you to find another 4-leaf clover, which would make you even more likely to find additional 4-leaf clovers. At some point your body would be literally covered in 4-leaf clovers, and you would win the lottery every single time.

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Not since they stopped selling them in the UK. Now they’re only available imported at extortionate prices. That really is bad luck.

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I don’t believe that rabbits’ feet, coins or other “lucky charms” or talismans have magical powers other than their sentimental value and the confidence they can instill.

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No, Patty O’ Brien has them all.

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I don’t really believe in it, but I think superstitions can be cute and ok to play along with. I don’t have lucky charms, but I say and do little things that are for luck or to ward off bad luck. Like, I usually don’t use the expression “good luck.” if I say something good out loud I might add a “kinahora” or “knock on wood.” If I say something that would be awful, like saying “if my husband died..” I will add a “God forbid” even though I am an atheist.

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Provides heat, love and approval; is a guy of very few words; and approves of several naps every day.

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I do not. But I do carry items in my pocket that have proven to be helpful. I have a thin plastic pouch in my wallet that holds: 2 needles – small and large, a few low temperature soldering strips, nichrome wire, a razor blade, a coiled wire saw, a couple of capacitors, and 3V button battery. The package is not much thicker than a credit card.
I also have a small SOG multitool on my key ring that was given to me by my son. Both items have proven useful more times than I can count.
They are much more useful than carrying a talisman and hoping a razor blade will magically appear when I need it.

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I have a version of the Willendorf Venus that is made of blue glass that I have in my purse. Also, a couple of pebbles that I picked up and a piece of shell that my husband gave me.

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@downtide I want to move to South Korea so I can have my Oreo Os back. :(

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I do but I am becoming fed up with continued attempts, by others, to remove them from my person.

Everyone’s after me lucky charms.

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I have a rolled out quarter with Sebastion embossed on it that I got at Disney World when I was a kid.
I carried it everyplace I went that I might have gotten killed, and lo and behold I am still here.
I also use it as a marker when I play golf. It isn’t as consistently reliable on the golf course. Maybe I need to be carrying a rifle.

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maybe you need to bend your knees a little more and swing from the hips

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