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Suggestions for a sleepwalking gun owner?

Asked by GloPro (8311points) January 27th, 2014 from iPhone

OK, so I don’t own the gun yet. I would like to own a Sig SP 2022 for home defense. I live alone in an exposed area and have had trouble in the past with a stalking situation.
My issue is that I have a history of sleepwalking. I have eaten, painted my nails, made phone calls, and woken up in completely different rooms before. I’d say I sleepwalk two or three times a year. Up until around 6 months ago I had a boyfriend that would tell me about my sleepwalking, so that’s where I get the 3 times a year guess.
My question is: are there gun cases that have audible buzzers? Because it’s for home defense and no children around I have no issue with having a magazine near the gun and wanting to access it quickly. I just want to make sure I am awake…
I’m serious, please. No anti-gun preaching, as I have no problem with guns. I just want to store it safely and make sure there is some account for my sleepwalking. I can’t be the only NRA member that sleepwalks.

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