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Do you consider yourself attractive?

Asked by Mandeblind (420points) January 27th, 2014

If you were to rate your physical appearance, honestly, what would you give yourself?

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I would say 6. When I was younger an 8.

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I never thought so, but now, when I look at photos of my younger self, I wonder why the hell didn’t I have more confidence in those days…

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@janbb, enough is more than enough!

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Four out of five dentists agree that I am.

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Nine out of ten mirrors agree that I am.

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Your Mother agrees that I am.

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Your wife’s cum face agre…oops, too far.

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No harm brother. I said ‘oops, too far’ to your Mum and she informed me that I was mistaken.

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Are you sure it was my Mum, coz that sounds like something my Dad woulda said, no…tell me you didn’t!

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I’d rate myself as a 6. I hope I’m selling myself short.

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Ok. I, uh, didn’t.

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Well, I wouldn’t scare a bulldog off a meat wagon.

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Well..I have always been cute, not stunningly beautiful but cute. Kind of a Meg Ryan/Gwyneth Paltrow combo. I’m an earthy, bohemian type, pigtails and hippie skirts dressed up or down. At 54 I am really seeing/feeling my age creepeth up, but…I still get compliments on a regular basis much to my surprise at times. lol

Just this week I have been complimented on how “cute” I look, my clothes and a woman I was talking business with on the phone told me I had a beautiful voice. Gotta say it perked me up some as I have had a really rough year but I am not all that concerned about losing my looks, I am more concerned about losing all my money this last year.

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Good enough, I guess.

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MIlo here; Perfection. I still have my 14” waist. I’d have to give Gail a 3.7, and that’s being charitable.

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I’m presentable, I got complemented on my eyes recently.

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Face? 10. Personality? 0.

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@Blackberry LOL..I think you’re being a little hard on yourself. haha

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Meh. I’d make a good spy because no one would remember my face. If we’re putting a number on it – 3.

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I have good and bad days. Some days I like in the mirror and think what the fuck and other days I think yeah, I’d do me.

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@tups My sentiments exactly.
Today is a WTF day…allergies and lizard eyes. lol

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I’m so sexy and full of self-esteem that I won’t even lower myself to rate myself like that.
Can’t wait to hear what Ucme says…lol

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I already answered m’dear.

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Not any more. But when I was younger others consistently gave me a 10. I didn’t see it then, but looking back I do.

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I would give myself a 7 on a good day and a 6 when I’m feeling a little less self confident. I have a few minor hang ups but, in general, I like the way I look.

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@ucme BOLLOCKS!! :)

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Yes, they are quite attractive too.

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U made me giggle!

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Quit! That tickles! QUIT!!

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