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What can you tell me about nonprofit status? Specifically, negotiating a public charity vs. private foundation status for a theatre company?

Asked by kevbo (25672points) January 27th, 2014

This question is pertinent to the community theatre company I’m on the board of. We’re having some issues. Ten years ago, it seems a previous iteration of the board incarnated us as a private foundation. We produce shows, sell tickets and ads and run after-school and summer educational programs for kids. Ideally, we think we’d like to have public charity status, but there’s a lot of confusion, since the only expert is our treasurer/accountant and that person is not producing much for us at the moment.

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Get a grant writer / 501 ( C ) 3 specialist, I’m in an organization that recently changed to a non-profit. It cost us only $250 for the specialist she collated all of our meeting minutes for many years, bylaws for the group, gathered the bank statements and audit reports. She then filed the necessary paperwork and also did follow-up. We had been diligent about all the above and it took us 9 months from filing to receive the non-profit status as a 501 ( C ) 3.

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Thank you both, @kevbo and @Tropical_Willie . I needed to know this too. Art gallery. xox

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