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Any ideas for visual art job interview?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5864points) January 27th, 2014

Where I live, I was offered a job at this art program that paints murals around the city, paints houses, and many other things that involve art around town.

Well, for the interview we have to bring in 3 visual art pieces for them to judge in order to get the job. I already have my portfolios ready, but I’m assuming I need sculptures.

I have one down, and two to go, but no idea what to make. Any help? This is for a job.

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You do say this involves painting murals and they are asking you to bring 3 visual art pieces. I would bring things that are obviously visual and perhaps reflective of your community. Most of all be true to your style and who you are.

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If it’s a mural job, I doubt very much they would expect sculpture. seriously

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If there is sculpture, I love the kind which change what they are according to location of the observer, like those rock formations in Labyrinth.
I had a project I wanted to do, but then I became disabled and haven’t had the resources. I thought it would be really fun and cheerful to paint houses so they look gift wrapped. Paint it with attractive paper, then use two colors of shingles, so they look like a bow on top, the other color being only a background. If anybody ends up using my idea, I hope they will give me kudos when they get media attention.

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How about two people sitting on a park bench
someone walking a dog
someone painting a wall

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Why would you bring sculptures when you are working in 2d? How did it go by the way

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@pleiades My interview isn’t until March 11th, but they wanted to give us time to get all of our pieces together. They said on the form that sculptures were acceptable too, so I thought I’d get brownie points for bringing one in. I really need this job because I’m broke and all my cool art friends have this job.

But, I could always send in a drawing I made, I have hundreds. I just thought it’d be pretty cool to bring one in.

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