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Optimizing a Jquerymobile build for my needs?

Asked by drhat77 (6195points) January 28th, 2014

I am trying to reduce the bandwidth requirements of a site I am building by creating a jquery mobile build suited to my needs.
Here are the widgets and such needed on my site:

data-rel=“popup” data-position-to=“window” data-transition=“pop” class=“ui-btn ui-corner-all ui-shadow ui-btn-inline ui-icon-delete ui-btn-icon-left ui-btn-b”
class=“ui-btn ui-corner-all ui-shadow ui-btn-inline ui-btn-b” data-rel=“back”
data-rel=“popup” data-transition=“pop”

When I go to the download builder and check the following options:
Widgets=>Collapsible Sets (Accordions), Dialogs, Popups
It autopopulates the dependancies, and builds my download.
However, the custom build I design does not work at all, whereas the full build works perfectly.
Can someone help me download the correct build?

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I’m sure you saw it, but just in case.

Please note that the jQuery Mobile Download Builder is still in alpha, and as such should not be used on production websites.

But, let’s see if we can get it fixed.

I’d look for the error you’re getting with your custom build, it probably references a function that is missing (“function drhat() doesn’t exist at line 10892”) and then track that one down and make sure to get it included.

While it might be browser specific, most likely it isn’t so a desktop browser with whatever tools you like would probably be a good place to start. (something like firebug will give you a place to start)

If it’s not happening on desktop browsers, then iphone and android have some pretty good emulators you can run depending on your environment. The developer tools aren’t as complete, but you can at least get a console.

Or, if the problem isn’t giving you any hints to work with, start heavy and create a bigger build than you want that works, then weed out the unneeded sections one at a time. Until it breaks.

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alpha? yikes! I guess I tl;dr’d. Thanks, when I have some time I’ll try to firebug it out.

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