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Do you think I need a degree for this?

Asked by Lovefirst (116points) January 28th, 2014 from iPhone

I’m currently planning a big project with my friend. We’re looking to promote self love, self knowledge and self esteem. Well anything that has to do with well being.

We’re targeting the youth, from 8 to 18 and eventually young adults. We’re visiting youth houses and would definitely want to present to elementary and high schools.

I have looked to see if there was already an organization doing it and I didn’t find any (I’m from Montreal).

Since it’s a non paying job, we want to look for funding and donations because we also want to organize activities for the youth and send some to camp for example.

Do you think a degree is needed to do this? (Im starting University next year, but I’m not sure which program to get into).

And what do you think about this plan or have to say about it?

Thank you

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Why would a degree be required? If your looking foe funding you might want to talk to people who have skills at grant writing and the university would probably be a good place to start but you don’t need a degree to write a grant. Success in these kinds of ventures is more who you know than what you know.

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A BA in communications would serve you well in your chosen field. Learning how to write promotional pieces and business communications, a bit of marketing classes, public speaking all could greatly enhance your ability to succeed with such an endeavor.

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No, you don’t need a degree. What you need is a reason why someone would give you money to do what you want to do.

Your excellent intention does need to have a way of communicating why your approach will succeed, what insight you’ll pass on that will help kids and young adults realize a bit of self confidence.

Good luck!

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Non-paying jobs don’t typically require degrees. A degree would help, in the same way a degree helps with life in general.

I think it’s a great thought. You’re a better person than I am, because I wouldn’t do that for free in a million years.

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A degree is a good start. Sounds like you’ll need psychology, business & communications knowledge. Keep in mind that this course of study is not going to get you work anywhere else. At the end of the day you will need to support yourself so have a backup plan for an alternate career path.

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Sounds like non-profit management or social entrepreneurship.

What kind of presentation will you do? How will you find your material? Is this research-based or personal experience-based? Do you have a compelling life story? Have you published anything? Have you made similar presentations in the past? Do you have a mentor? Have you looked into establishing non-profit status? Do you have money to invest into this venture?

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Whether a degree is needed or not is not quite the point, I think. General education and a knowledge of how to communicate is vital, a sine qua non for such a project. Generally, if you get nothing else from college and university, you’ll learn better ways to communicate.

For example, if you start to promote “self love” to knowledgeable people, they will probably have to work at stifling their laughter. “Self love” is a euphemism for masturbation. That is the kind of thing that can simultaneously attract a wholly unwelcome element to your plans, and drive off exactly the people you want to reach out to for contributions and support.

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We’re looking to promote self love, self knowledge and self esteem. Well anything that has to do with well being. In the states, these were the buzz words of what was called The Human Potential Movement of the sixties and seventies, exemplified by Esalen and Werner Erhart’s seminars

Today you are competing with myriad private therapies, group therapies, storefront and boot strap organizations, the scouting organizations, The Fresh Air Fund and social service activities. I don’t know what has been available in Quebec, but you might want to define your goals more and sharpen your language.

Lots of good advice about fund-raising and course of studies at uni provided by all of the earlier respondents.

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Sounds fine enough I suppose. Along with self actualization I would mention to the youngsters that everything they learn is school about “teamwork” and relying on others has absolutely no bearing on the reality of the real world. Teach self sufficiency too. Just saying.

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I don’t think hippies usually need degrees.

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There’s a difference between a degree and an education. The only reason you need a degree is if you’re trying to get someone to hire you. An education, on the other hand, broadens your mind, teaches you skills, and familiarizes you with important background information that might improve your ability to achieve certain goals.

For what you want to do, it sounds like you probably do not need a degree. But you might need some education—though not necessarily university education—in subjects like psychology and communications to figure out the best ways of inculcating self-love, self-knowledge, and self-esteem in others.

And if I can make a small pitch for my own field, you might consider some philosophy as well. Socrates was a big supporter of the maxim “know thyself” and frequently discussed the importance of self-knowledge for living well.

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@Judi @Cruiser @livelaughlove21

I give Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer, it’s really apreciated !


Yes I know, we curently at the step of documentation, where we put everything on paper(our speech, presentation, funding request,etc. ). Before visiting any company for funding we want to be sure we have everything planned out and we’re ready. I’m still trying to figure out which is the best way to approach them and how is the best way to ask for money and convinced them of giving it. :/ hard work but we’re motivated.

We have planned for the month of February to visit different workshops, meditating groups etc. To see different approach on self knowledge . What we can change/ add to our presentation.


Yes I know this is why I want to have it right when I start presenting because that’s what I want to do with my life!

Thank you also to the rest of people who answer ! My break is finish but I will answer you all tonight!! Have a good day :)

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@Cupcake We will do an oral presentation + visuals. We’ll start by explaining what “Know Thyself” means. Then, we’ll go on with self esteem explanation, signs that you’re lacking self esteem, how to gain self esteem, couple steps to work on yourself and conclude with the general subject with a few tips for well being. During the presentation, we prepare 5 main questions to ask our public in order to redirect our speech more precisely with the need. We will also be giving them our email address if ever they have personal things they would like to share/ ask advice about.
For our material, we will visit several companies and explain our project and ask if they would like to provide for free the material needed. (We will also prepare a document)
The research is based on personal experiences and observations. See I’ve been working with kids it’s been around 4–5years.
We haven’t published anything yet, it’s planned for the month of March. But yes I have made similar presentation in the past, and kids/teenagers we’re very interested.
I do not have a mentor for now, but I have 2 companies that helps people starts projects/companies that I need to contact before the end of the week.
I do not have much money to invest in this venture but I have contacts ( to get material, to reach youth houses) I have to start slowly.
I have looked into establishing a non-profit status, but the things with these is 100% of the funding needs to go to your project but since I want to do this not only in Canada but the United States and other countries as well, I need to be able to use a certain percentage for when we travel, gaz,food etc.

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@CWOTUS Thank you for letting me know ! For now consider it more as a rough copy! We’re still working on it! And I will keep that in mind :)

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@gailcalled Yea you’re right! In Quebec we do have all these organisation. But none of them visit kids from poor neighbourhood, youth houses and elementary and high schools. You need to pay for therapy and not everyone can afford that. We’re still working on the documentation and workings on our words too :P . Thank you !

@ DWW25921 Definitely ! That’s something I always wish they would have told me back in high school!! Thank you! :)


@SavoirFaire Thank you:) . We planned to visit different workshops, groups discussion to see what we can add, change and learn more !

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@Lovefirst I think you may be slightly misinformed about non-profit status.

Sounds very well thought out. Kudos to you. Keep plugging along. I hope your family is very supportive and proud of you.

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@cupcake yea, I definitely need to look more into it! Thank you for taking the time to answer and the supportive words! :) xxx

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