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Do you think I need a degree for this?

Asked by Lovefirst (116points) January 28th, 2014 from iPhone

I’m currently planning a big project with my friend. We’re looking to promote self love, self knowledge and self esteem. Well anything that has to do with well being.

We’re targeting the youth, from 8 to 18 and eventually young adults. We’re visiting youth houses and would definitely want to present to elementary and high schools.

I have looked to see if there was already an organization doing it and I didn’t find any (I’m from Montreal).

Since it’s a non paying job, we want to look for funding and donations because we also want to organize activities for the youth and send some to camp for example.

Do you think a degree is needed to do this? (Im starting University next year, but I’m not sure which program to get into).

And what do you think about this plan or have to say about it?

Thank you

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