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Does everything get digested?

Asked by kimchi (1432points) January 28th, 2014

So I accidentally swallowed a HUGE piece of fruit that’s the size of 3 grapes. I didn’t chew it either, I was laughing too hard and accidentally swallowed it. I’m super worried! Will it digest? Will it stay in there? This happened a long time ago but I’m still worried. What will happen to it? Is it still in my body?

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That doesn’t sound like very much. You’ll be fine.

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I reckon if it went down okay, you are okay. Your body will break it down.

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It might not get completely digested, but it will be broken down into small enough pieces to pass easily out of your body. Now if it was a bone splinter you may have an issue requiring immediate medical attention.

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Pennies, gold fillings and diamond wedding rings will pass right through you unscathed….in the event you swallow something valuable….just have a strainer handy.

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A long time ago? LIke more than a couple days? You shat it out already. Quit worrying.

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This reminds me of a story…

A man walked into a bar with a toothless monkey on a leash. The monkey was the hit of the bar; everyone wanted to see it because it was so cute. Everyone wanted to feed it nuts and popcorn and bits of bar snacks. But it had a very strange and disconcerting habit. Every piece of food that it was offered, it would grab in both hands, then attempt to fit into its anus. After it pushed it in, it would take it out and then eat the item. Everyone was amused, disgusted and horrified by turns.

Finally someone asked the owner the origin of the odd habit. He replied, “It didn’t start out doing this. Lil’ guy used to eat just like you or me. Of course, he doesn’t chew much, without teeth; he just liked to swallow things whole. Well, one day someone gave him an unripe pear, and I don’t know how he did that – he looked like a snake! – but he managed to fit it into his gullet and swallow it without chewing. He was uncomfortable for three days, and didn’t eat anything else in that time. After the three days, he was constipated as hell, and he was in agony for almost an hour when it came time to… well, you know.

“But he’s a smart lil’ guy! Now he checks the size first, and then eats.”

Since this is in General I have to be a bit more on topic: You’ll be fine. But now you know how you can check size before you eat, too.

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If I tell you it will congeal in your stomach you’re going to want to kill me..

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As long as it wasn’t a giant bone, piece of glass, ball of yarn, or plastic bag, yes, it will digest. Maybe you were a Labrador Retriever in a previous life. Stay away from tennis balls. lol

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@Coloma it can be both challenging and humorous when the pets treat yarn like spaghetti

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It was fruit. Of course it will digest. It’s already gone, I’m sure.

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Two words: corn poop.

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No worries you will be fine as long as it didn’t cause you to choke before getting all the way down then the stomach juices will break it down just finel My youngest daughter has to be constantly be reminded to chew her food and has swallowed many things much bigger than you probably did.

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Some parts of the fruit (cellulose, insoluble fibre) can’t be digested, but that’s the same whether the fruit is whole or not. You can guess what happens to the insoluble fibre.

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