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Do you feel emotionally manipulated by commercials?

Asked by marinelife (61749points) January 29th, 2014

I just saw the Budweiser Superbowl puppy ad, and I cried all through it. It did not, however, make me want to run out and buy Budweiser.

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No. Plus, I don’t like Bud. The puppy was cute though.

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One of my closest friends saw a commercial with the song Turn around when she was about 10, and she started stressing out that she was getting old.

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Not at all. The only ads I really like are the ones for Guinness, which are usually very cinematic. This one for instance. But it still doesn’t make me want to buy Guinness. I hate the stuff.

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You’re only as manipulated as you let yourself be.

I hate commercials.

I don’t like Bud. It tastes like carbonated urine.

And I don’t care for puppies.

Otherwise, it was great.

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The ones with starving children and abused animals do, and they’re on constantly. I’m okay with being reminded but I’m sure half are fraudulant.

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No, the ones imploring us to adopt a, let’s just go with donkey, make me laugh.

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Well, yeah, because that’s the point of commercials. I don’t have a TV, and part of the reason is I don’t like being manipulated and told what information to consume.

No matter how cute their puppy is, Budweiser can’t overcome the fact that I don’t want the headache their “beer” gives me either. But, then again, I think it’s still better than most of the other major American breweries.

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I’ve pretty much been indoctrinated by my dad that commercials are bullshit, and the source of all evil. The only time I pay attention to them is when they’re really loud and annoying. And the attention given is nothing more than annoyance.

There is absolutely nothing in commercials that can emotionally grab me, because most of them are so stupid and ridiculous. In fact, due to my own mindset on them, I don’t even understand how anyone is actually convinced by any commercial that your life won’t be complete if you don’t get whatever they’re peddling. One of my main problems with commercials is the scenarios they use to present something, which hardly, if ever, fits what real life is about. Therefore, because of this, any emotional poignancy attempted fails miserably.

Even movie trailers are misleading, and I believe you need like two years of college to put together trailers. ALL trailers look awesome. All of them. No exception. But that never means the movie itself will be…fuck commercials.

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Mostly manipulated and in some case violated.

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The only time I feel manipulated by a commercial is when it is for animals who are in shelters. It makes me want to run to our local shelter and adopt all of them. Not sensible by any means, but it’s what I feel at that moment.

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I almost never see commercial since I don’t watch tv and certainly don’t feel manipulated into buying anything. However, the “We’re for dogs” Purina ads on the Westminster Show did get to me every time.

(Ok – full disclosure. Just watched the Budweiser ad. Pretty damn cute.)

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No. Although I do admit that this commercial worked. I saw it so much that I finally caved and got the sandwich.

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@flip86 Wonder how many people watching it would know it is a parody of “The Big Rock Candy Mountain?”

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@janbb I figured it out years after it was on TV.

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I always feel manipulated, even when it works! I am deeply grateful to my high school English (Grammar and Literature) teacher who taught us to analyse marketing spiels.

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I detest advertising and avoid them as much as possible. It is the insincerity I can’t stand. They are a mask worn by faceless companies.

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Not so much manipulated as irritated. The whole volume increase every time commercials are shown is really annoying and the fact that sometimes the same commercials are run back to back in a short space of time also.

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@downtide Very interesting commercial! I like Guinness (but cold) which I suppose is anathema to the British.

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@Bluefreedom That is exactly the reason I cancelled my Hulu Plus subscription. The damn repetitive commercials. They should offer a subscription for a few more dollars that is ad free, like Amazon with their kindle.

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@flip86. I absolutely agree. (And I cancelled Hulu Plus too. Not worth it.)

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Ah, the joys of the DVR. I just fast forward through them all.

However, I will watch one ad per month for Subway sandwiches just to find out which one is on special that month (reduced price) for when I’m out running errands and deciding to stop for one or not :)

Saves me the trouble of getting out of the car and going in to find out and then deciding its not one I really like.

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Only the ASPCA ones. Those break my heart.

I like some commercials, but rarely does one convince me to buy a product. Although, it’s true that we’re more likely to buy a product from a brand we’ve heard of on TV than one we haven’t, so ads are probably more effective than we think.

@elbanditoroso “And I don’t care for puppies”

Wh…what?! What could you possibly have against a puppy? How can you not like small, cute, fluffy creatures? Preposterous!

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THAT @flip86, is evil.

As I love the original song:

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Definitely does not get me to want the beer, but I DO want to run out and get the puppies and all the horses there!

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I don’t need no commercial to tell me when I want some beer.

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At Menard’s last week I saw a DVD that contained nothing but 6–8 hours of commercial re-runs.

How long could someone watch just commercials continuously?

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