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What's one thing that you valued highly before but no longer do?

Asked by anotherstranger (55points) January 29th, 2014

There are things and thoughts that seem to be of utmost value at the time, but you either forget about it, or just don’t seem to appreciate it as much. I just wanted to hear what you guys held very dearly but no longer do for whatever reason.

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I used to brew my own beer now don’t even drink at all.

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Fuss with hair and make-up…that was a very long time ago.

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I used to be more of a foodie than I am now.

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Play video games.

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@janbb: Remember the days of fondu and boeuf Wellington or did you escape that?

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I knitted prolifically. I always had a work-in-progress, and I turned-out projects regularly. Oddly, and for reasons that I can’t describe or understand, I haven’t done any knitting for at least a few years.

Well, if I’m thinking about it, I must be starting to miss it. Maybe I’ll rediscover my old hobby soon.

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I used to draw and paint prolifically; for a while I thought I might pursue life as a visual artist—now I find i hard to write my name – I have used a keyboard for so long. I haven’t drawn in many many years.

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Skip school, I don’t do that anymore, I’m paying for the class with my own money.

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Having a “six pack”.

I am not getting sloppy, don’t get me wrong, but I am OK being a little bit looser in the cage than I was when I was an instrument of death.

To be totally fair, it is really tough for tall guys (I am 6’4” give or take) to get a “six pack” anyway. It was easy to give up.

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@josie I had a 4 pack once. Almost to six than I stopped working out. Never went back… I kind of regret that.

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I played WoW. And crocheted constantly. I’m getting back into crocheting a bit more.

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I used to always want the latest electronic gadget or gaming console. Then I asked myself “why” and couldn’t think of any valid reason other than “just because”. I stopped caring and haven’t had a new electronic gadget/console in years.

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Fashion trends. I’m embarrassed enough just to admit it.

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Chess and summer vacations.

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The concept of marriage. I’m working on my second divorce at the moment.

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I stopped going to church as soon as I could once I stopped believing in God. But maybe that’s too obvious to count (though it was very important to me when I believed). So a better example might be that I almost never do much in the way of musical work anymore. I have degrees in performance and composition, and I’ve done professional work in each, but that’s gone very much to the side since I started graduate school.

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Indentured servitude to one company. I like my freelance life a whole lot better.

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I used to really value an active social life. Nowadays, I prefer a good book or an engrossing project over socializing.

I also took great pride in being an super-size-mega-ultra-over-achiever. Now. Meh.

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Nothing. I guess when I truely give something up, I forget that I ever cared.

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Looking “good” everyday.
I’m not currently working. If I am staying home for an entire day, on go the sweats and up goes the ponytail.

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^^ Who says you can’t look great in sweats and a ponytail?

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Other people’s opinion of me. It took a long time before I understood the concept that other people’s opinion of me are none of my business.

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Like @SavoirFaire, after I stopped attending church, I realized my happiness and closeness with my Deity increased. God is not the problem, it’s His followers that are.

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@stanleybmanly We never took summer vacations sadly. We saved enough for the boys to go to a great summer camp for 8 weeks ever summer so that kinda put a snafu on a summer vacation of us.

I so wish I traveled more “Life is a series regrets my lady.” Legend

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For myself, the concept of marriage.

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Eat Pop Tarts.

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