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Why is my puke up yellow after drinking "Milk to Go" and not regular milk (NSFW)

Asked by talljasperman (21721points) January 29th, 2014

When I puke up ” Milk To Go” it comes out yellow all ways? Why is my puke not the same colour as regular milk? What is added to my milk?
Milk To Go is sold In Canadian stores in a half litre of milk in a plastic disposable container. Or is some other science going on, It doesn’t seem to matter if I drink out of the container. It comes out yellow… and milk from the normal jug comes out white….
Edit I think it might be the vanilla flavoring in the milk.

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Have you checked the label to see if there are any significant additives?

Why are you vomiting so often after drinking milk that you’re that aware of this pattern might be a more pertinent question.

I can’t even begin to guess when was the last time I ever vomited after drinking milk.

Years? More than ten years ago? Yeah, most likely.

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@Buttonstc I stopped drinking Milk to Go years ago, For the past I thought that throwing up was normal daily activity. My guess is that it was flavored milk, like vanilla milk and I was sensitive to vanilla. I drink water, pop, and fruit juice instead… milk is only for cereal.

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Bet there is a lot of fat in Milk To Go.

Whatever the fuck (NSFW) “Milk to Go” is.

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