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Why is this pin head so popular?

Asked by DWW25921 (6398points) January 29th, 2014

Here’s something we all can agree on! I read this article and thought to myself, I think the good people of Fluther need some common ground. LOL (I really did.)

My favorite line in the article and wishing I had signed…

Earlier on Wednesday, a petition requesting Mr Bieber’s expulsion from the US attained 100,000 signatures.

Seriously though, why is this pin head so popular? Inquiring minds want to know!

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Because he can sing “Happy Birthday” better than Dennis Rodman?

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He’s a pop star, and there are millions upon millions of pre-teen girls who think he is a great singer. He does have a modicum of talent, enough to pull off putting on a performance. That’s why he is popular.

He may be about to learn why pop star careers explode like magnesium….

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Because he is a fking douchebag and major tool and these past couple generations idolize that shit for some reason.

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Because people are generally stupid.

On the radio one morning they were talking about his newest song at the time and someone said he “was one more bad song away from being the next vanilla ice”. I couldn’t agree more.

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He started okay. He can’t handle the fame. He feels like a god on Mt. Olympus. Once the momentum of popularity started, lemmings followed, whatever his behavior became. How many rock stars have we followed down through the years,staying loyal whatever they do? I’m not impressed by him, but really, I see nothing to slow the momentum unless he does something unforgivable to a fan, like punch a thirteen year old girl in the mouth and knock out some teeth, in front of cameras and a crowd.

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You can ask the same about any “pop star”.
Besides, are not his only fans teenage girls and a couple of gays?

Anyway, what really should be the focus of the story is not Bieber itself, but the fact that 100000 people signed a petition to have him deported for what amounts to little more than drunk driving…
All the while
1. There are fare greater domestic menaces to deal with.
2. The US murders people indiscriminately with drones.

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@ragingloli And older women who don’t know how to grow up

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I don’t know, I am trying to keep an open mind and see it from a teen’s point of view. For the life of me I can’t see why girls even look at such an obnoxious kid!

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I hope he goes to jail & becomes a cock holster to a Neo Nazi teen buggerer.

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Is he really the only celebrity pinhead, or are people just getting their rocks off of degrading someone else? I’ve seen other celebrities do much worse, but yet not be condemned on the same level. I generally don’t follow celebrity news, but I just can’t help noticing this trend here.

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This is what celebrity cults do: they build people up into demi-gods, and then tear them apart for sport.

I’m always bemused by people – primarily younger people who don’t know any better – who want to be “rich and famous”. They have no idea the curse they call down upon themselves, until it’s too late.

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Because he was the apotheosis teen heart-throb who broke bad and has succeeded in becoming the rebel without a cause who will quickly find out (if he hasn’t already) that the world has a very short attention span for gimmicky selfish bratty behavior and his starry ride will soon be over. Have fun singing at county fairs Justin!

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@DWW25921 – you are showing your age.

Bieber in 2014 is like the Beatles were in 1964. Either you are of the age that ‘gets’ Bieber and his appeal, or you are an old fuddy duddy.

In fact, almost all of the responses above are from people over 19 years old, meaning that they are of generations that cannot/do not ‘get’ Bieber.

My grandparents were the same way when I started listening to Beatles music.

Face it, we oldsters have turned into our parents.

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How dare you compare the Beatles to bieber?!

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@ragingloli – I wasn’t. Read what I wrote closely. I was comparing older generations of the 1960s to older generations today.

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Crap. I’m old. That’s a stark realization…

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When I first read your question, I thought you were asking about some sewing matter. :-)

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The Beatles are still respected 50 years later. Let’s see what people think of pinhead in 50 years. “Who?”

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He’ll be popular on the cell block too. His nickname will be Baby.

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Yeah, he’ll go into the joint as a tight end and come out as a wide receiver.

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When i was 12–13, n’sync and backstreet boys were super popular, all of my friends loved them, one covered an entire wall in her bedroom with pictures of n’sync (stalker style).....I never understood the hype….I had 3 posters on my walls…korn, slipknot and godsmack.

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