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Have you ever gotten fired?

Asked by GloPro (8341points) January 30th, 2014 from iPhone

It’s my own fault, really. I suppose when you work for a small family business and you pop off to the owner you shouldn’t be surprised to find that it doesn’t really matter what you think…

It’s an odd place to be… Employed one day, unemployed the next. I’ve never been fired, and I’ve never not known where my paycheck is going to come from next. I’m too high strung for this!

Have you ever been fired? What do I do now?

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Sort of. I got let go because my availability while in school was no longer compatible with their needs. I wasn’t fired because of my performance or for doing anything wrong. I decided to not work and focus on my last semester of school, and I was able to do that because my husband made enough money to support us.

What should you do? Start looking for another job, of course. And learn from your mistake. Don’t talk shit to the guy that signs your paychecks or you might get canned. Most people don’t gave to learn this the hard way.

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Only once-the boss was a total jerk…sent me an e-mail!

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Never been fired and only walked/quit one job at a fast-food burger joint. Started my own businesses at 22 and have not had to worry about getting fired since.

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Once, and it really made me mad because I was let go on a Tuesday and was planning to give notice on Friday. I didn’t like being beaten to the punch!

What do you do now? Hone your resume’ and start the hunt.

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Yes, twice.

My very first (official) job. I lied on my application, saying I was sixteen (when I was only fifteen) because I really wanted the job. A year later, they figured it out and let me go.

Again, at my last FT job, over a year ago. When I first took the job, I told them I also worked PT as an adjunct college instructor, and had no intention of giving it up (as teaching actually paid much more per hour than this FT job). It was also a family run business and they had a strict “no moonlighting” policy but really wanted me for the position, so the owner agreed. Five years later, I was working days (6-days/week), teaching one or two nights, and then picked up day classes on Mondays (my one day off from the FT job). This did not sit well with the owner (especially when he asked me to also work Mondays). We argued about it numerous times and then, finally, I had a disagreement with one of the other managers (who accused me of something I didn’t do). This was it for the owner, who said I was being disloyal and asked me to go.

I was upset at first, but, turns out he did me a favor. The school I was moonlighting at offered me a FT managerial job working only 37hrs/week making almost double what I made at the family-run joint.

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Yes, its all I will say about that.

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Yes. It was mortifying. But it was for the best.

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I was hired at Kentucky Fried Chicken as one of two cooks, replacing 2 cooks. One was shot dead during a robbery, and the other went off on stress.
When the one who was off on stress came back, room had to be made, so my boss told me I was being let go.
Within a week, the other cook that was hired with me quit, and my boss kept me on, but never actually told me I wasn’t being let go any more.

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I worked in the school holidays when I was 15 and got fired, I absolutely deserved it!

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Once… I refused to put the VHS porno back into the adults room, and I got fired. Happy my next, would be shift, the manager got held up with a machine gun and his car stolen… thank god I was fired and didn’t have to go through that.

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I worked at a food factory for 19.9 years and three months before I was eligible to retire, I was fired for giving another employee a dressing down (no cursing, name calling or threatening) for stealing his lunch every day by shopping everyone else’s lunch bags. Done in such a way that there was no recourse: i.e. no appeal to the disciplinary review team. I called the global corporate office, and a week later they agreed to reinstate me as laid off, lack of work, pay my insurance in full, and carry me for 3 months until I reached full retirement benefits.

Can you imagine my culture shock going from 20 years at the same place to unemployed?

Don’t let it get you down. If you’re eligible for unemployment or other government benefits, don’t be shy or embarrassed of applying immediately. Make application at the employment office. Try to get back up on the horse as soon as possible, but enjoy your (hopefully brief) break.

Good luck.

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@ibstubro Wow, that sounds like your immediate boss was trying to pinch pennies in order to make his own bonuses. Firing someone 3 months before retirement reeks of dishonesty. I’m glad you kept your head and went above them.
I applied for unemployment the moment I got home. Had a good cry, assessed my finances, and made a list of the things I would do… The next day. Then I went and got drunk (not wallowing, obnoxiously so, but more of the distracting self-pitying kind of way). That was all of the ‘poor me’ I am gonna do. I honestly think this will be a gift wrapped in a shitty package. I’ve got bigger plans, and I’ve been treading water because the money was good. This is my chance to get back on the path to my dreams.
It is a shameful thing, though, to know I got fired because I lacked the respect and self-discipline to keep my mouth shut. I’m reflecting on my contribution to my situation, and how I can learn from it an become a better person/employee.

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You done good, @GloPro. From the unemployment application, to the good drunk, and on into “That was all of the ‘poor me’ I am gonna do.” If you have bigger plans and you needed this kick in the butt, then there’s no shitty package.

Keeping your mouth shut does not bestow or imply “respect”. As for self discipline, you might reflect positively on what caused you to be fired: timing, delivery, tone of voice choice of words? If you ‘popped of’ to the owner, you must have felt strongly about something?

“How could I have given my input in a positive way?”

Unless it’s just temper, and your subconscious decided it was time to get on with your “bigger plans. That happens.

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No, I have never been fired. But quit a lot of jobs because I was moving.

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Once, and at the time I did, I was devastated, but 34 years later when I look back, it was probably one of the best things that happened in my life. I got a new job that lasted for 25 years, and gave me the ability to excel at things I never thought I could.

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Welcome, @Community_watchdog. I think being fired has been a positive experience in many people’s lives, whether it led to greater opportunity, or opened their eyes.

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No, I have never been fired. I have had several jobs because my husband is in the military and we move a lot.

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