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Do you have any old haunted warehouses, amusement parks, mills, houses, etc anywhere near your area?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) January 30th, 2014

Do you know the legends that haunt those old buildings and have you ever been interested in spending the day maybe even a whole night inside to witness the paranormal for yourself?

Thank you.

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No, no, and no. The only paranormal activity that interests me is why, in a 3000 sq. foot house, my cat chooses to sleep on top of me when I am in bed.

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Not that I know of. There tend to be more historical hauntings here. Battlefields, buildings, etc.

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This building that I work in is supposed to be haunted and I have heard and seen some strange things, that I can’t explain. I’m not staying all night though, midnight was bad enough. Cooperstown has a bunch of places with supposed activity.

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Not now, but when I was a kid, we used to play in an abandoned factory behind my house. We used to say it was haunted and patrolled by the “man with the long fingernails”.

Of course, we were just kids with over-active imaginations.

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Chicago is one of the most haunted cities in the country and no….I do not have any desire to mix it up with lost spirits of the past.

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@gailcalled Hahaha, my cat does the exact same thing. Its annoying.

I have some old, abandoned type of ruins that are a minute walk from me. Do they count?

I’m not sure that I believe in ghosts, at least not in the same way that most people do. I’d explain how but its complicated.

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I was recently house sitting a 17th century manor which was quite creepy with it’s creaky floors etc. However, it was only when the cleaner told me that a few people had witnessed spooky goings on that I became a bit freaked out. She told be that the lady of the manor and the children hate being on their own there. I didn’t witness anything I couldn’t put down to floor boards, bad lighting or water pipes though.

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A house two doors away from mine was the site of a murder a couple of years ago. Last night, something else happened in it (I still don’t know what) which brought an ambulance and multiple police cars. In both instances, it’s involved renters who I believe are students.

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There’s an infamous haunted school in my area, at least according to the gossip I overheard. That school was rumored to have been built on the ground of a morgue, so there are a lot of paranormal activities. There are creepy stories about an armless boy who wanders around girls’ lavatory, or a headless teacher who surprises everyone walking on the stairs. Even some students of that school claim that those stories are true. But nobody has testified them so far.

In the military camp where I took the training course, there’s a flock of unused land which is rumored to be haunted. Rumor has it that the land used to be an execution zone. My teacher (who used to learn there) once told us that she actually saw a soldier wandering around the area, but when she came near, the soldier disappeared. Near that land there’s a building whose lights are always on at night, hence the land is dubbed “the area of light” (an innocent name for such a spooky place).

And there’s a high school which is notorious for the suicide rate. Those the school’s authority has many times stated that the sole reason for the high suicide rate is stress, many students there still make up their own speculations. The speculations range from an angry ghost to a certain haunted area in the school. Here are the two most well-known ones: the first one speculates that the ground where the school now stands used to be a religious shrine, but then people tore it down for several different buildings, and that made the “gods” there angry, and they have haunted the school until now; the second one speculates that there was a female student who committed suicide right in the school. That girl was the subject of bullying when she was alive, and she wanted to take revenge of everyone, and because she wanted everyone to die the way she died, she always planned every death to be due to “suicide”.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I’ve never been to any of those places.

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When I was younger and living in a hotel, I made up a story about why Room #311 was haunted. There was a monster that would come out from behind the dryer at midnight to make sure everyone in the hotel was sleeping. (This definitely evolved from my aunt trying to get me to go to bed.) One night, the people in 311 weren’t sleeping, so the monster killed them, and that’s how the room became haunted.
Turns out I ended up living in that room a few years later.

I can’t think of any more “creditable” stories, but at least mine is creative.

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@dxs There is a small room (possibly the smallest) in my house. When I was young it was the storage, but now it appears to be abandoned. I really didn’t know why, but I was very scared of this room. To me, there seemed to be some paranormal force inside it. I even made up stories about it, similar to your story. Now that the room is abandoned, I still don’t have the gut to enter it at night turn out my stories are true, that room is really haunted :)

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No, but there’s a small town nearby that’s no more than a “ghost town” since the collapse of the mining industry.

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I neglected to mention in my previous post that the day after the murder I was walking back from my block’s shared mailbox and saw a young man leave that house and head toward the same mailbox. He passed me, and I noticed his eyes were downcast, he looked very unhappy, and he was very, very pale. I never saw him again and decided he was the ghost of the murdered boy.

I don’t really believe he was a ghost, don’t believe in ghosts at all, but I’ve never been able to quite shake that possibility out of my mind.

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Lots. I work in a supposedly haunted 100+ yr old building and never had one single problem or sighting. I actively encourage ghosts to come say hello sometimes, too…lol

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@ucme No?? Dude, you’re in England, am I right? Supposed to be plenty of haunted places over there. Of course, people say a lot of things…but if England has a rep for haunted sightings, I blame the Victorian era.

Well, nothing haunted here, much to my dismay…funny too, because before going to sleep, I like reading, and I like horror, so I read horror books or ghosts stories. But last night I spent some time on ListVerse instead, reading lists about top ten haunted places in the world. There are many such lists, you can spend hours going through them. (my list involved more American places than English ones, shows what I know)
I was thinking I’d love to visit some old abandoned hospital that is said to be haunted, or any such thing. I don’t expect to actually experience any ghosts, which is why I’d be willing to do it, that is if someone was coming with me…wouldn’t go alone. That is for safety reasons, rather than ghosts. But it would be interetsing, either way. A lot of the places in the lists I saw are closed to the public and you can get arrested for trespassing, but other places seemingly belong to no one, and you can just go, if you wanna…so that’s when I got to thinking, are there places like that here?

There are two places; an abandoned military base, which is open to the public. It wasn’t until recently, but the place, for some reason, is protected by the city and they don’t want to tear it down. By closing it off, it only invited junkies and vandals to fuck it up. The whole base is filled with graffiti and broken windows, So, by making it open to the public, there are patrols and stuff at night, so you can’t go in except during the day. (free to go in, just don’t cause trouble) Kind of loses its appeal, but the place is cool, and worth preserving.

There are also some caves, which I’ve never been in. These are ’‘enter at your own risk’’. You get to them from the outskirts of the city, and the caves are very steep, and it’s no suggested to go in because they’re dangerous. I know one guy who’s been in them, him and some friends. Apparently, when you go down deep enough, there’s some old abandoned tanks stored there…but that one guy is known to make shit up, and he had no pictures. Now it’s entirely possible, but I wonder, how did those tanks get in there, and why did no one take them away? There must be another entrance to these caves, because hear tell, the way in that this dude used is much too small to even fit a small car in.
But he was the guy who showed me the military base, he likes exploring and stuff. Yeah the military base, some date haha. :D (he said he was going to take me to the caves, but he never did, probably didn’t want me to see there weren’t actually any old ass tanks down there? lol)

But to actually answer anything, I’ve not heard any ghost stories attributed to these two places. Would love to check out the caves though, but I know nothing about spelunking, and I don’t have any equipment to do it with. One reason I’m still alive is, I’m stupid, but not that stupid lol.

End. Too long. This was supposed to be like two sentences haha.

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Why do ghost only come out at night when the lights are out?

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Goes to show they are human machination. From the dawn of time, people have feared the night, therefore it’s easier for the imagination to come up with shit when fueled by fear. In older times devoid of science and technological breakthroughs, it was easier to cement the fears and superstitions when people had nothing but their instincts to go on. Easier to pass it down and make it ’‘real’’. At least, that’s what I think.

Try this test. Think of something scary, like imagine you’re in the woods at night, then an old lady pops out from between some trees and asks you where her home is. In the comfort of your own home during the day, this is laughable.
But then, go into some actual woods at three in the morning, walk deep into them, and think about that old lady again. You won’t find it funny. The day is our element, the night is not.

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We have legends that the local abandoned children’s hospital is haunted, as well as the old city cemetery. It’s fun to let your imagination run wild, but I have never experienced anything, even in the most “haunted” places. My husband and I took a trip to Tombstone, Arizona, and stayed at the old bordello. Still nothing.

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@Symbeline There’s a lot of stories & legends about haunted places, but i’ve never believed any of it, certainly not experienced a ghostly spooking.
Rumours of a boy hanging himself in my old school gym probably arose when this clumsy bastard tied himself in knots attempting to climb up those thick ropes that dangle from the ceiling.

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Well, all the rumors and stories about his death are perhaps better than the truth lol.

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There’s this old pub nearby which is supposed to have a ghost, call her the “grey lady”
My goodness, they must have old barmaids.

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There are a few local legends: a cemetery ghost, the spirit of a dead usher from an old theater that is now a night club, things like that. Nothing particularly interesting.

With the cemetery, people are all “Well, if you stand in this one part of the mausoleum, it’s always cold!”

I’m like “You mean the part, in the shade, surrounded by 6 foot thick concrete? I can’t imagine why that would be!”

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Haha, it’s always cemeteries or tired old mansion houses, funny old koinkydink that.
Why’s it never a sweet shop or swimming pool, or maybe even a brothel.

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Lol, a haunted swimming pool, with a ghost drakkar on the water. I’d go to that pool.

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Sshh, don’t upset the swimming pool ghost, it might go off the deep end :(

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Just reminded me of that scene in Gothika where Halle Berry hides underwater & is spooked by the girl’s ghost.

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Oh I saw that movie years ago. Don’t remember much of it besides the mentioned pool scene, plus the end plot twist. Should give it another whirl one of em days.

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Well, we have an old house here that has always been known as The Adams Family house. It’s huge, 3 stories and all kinds of gables and cool windows. It hasn’t been lived in in years, and all the paint is gone. Just down to bare, grey wood. I have a really AWESOME picture of it around here somewhere, all draped in ice during a massive ice storm we had about 12 years ago.

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Oh AWESOME. I want an Addams Family house!

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It’s really cool! Rumor had it that some major paint company offered to paint it in exchange for being able to use it in their advertising. I don’t know if it’s true or not.

Some folks bought it a few years ago. They painted it and started working on it and, to me, it’s lost all its charm.

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Oh, boo. You buy a haunted house and take all the haunt out of it. Party poopers.

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LOL! R’ril! They took all the damn haunt out of it!

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There are various places that are supposedly haunted around my area, but the old asylum is the one I really want to go into. They have cameras and security around it all the time though since it’s dangerous in there and is right by one of our colleges.

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Nope, nothing at all within 12 miles.

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I have a feeling there’s going to be a new ghost story in town…

55 bodies found around former Florida School for Boys

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Wow @Seek_Kolinahr. What a nightmare….

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I live very close to an old funeral home. It has been boarded up for years now.
I am very drawn to it. I won’t go in it though. Not because I am afraid of ghosts, but scary REAL people. Some people say it’s haunted. I have never heard stories though. It’s pretty much just because it was a funeral home. It’s a big mansion that was built in 1860. I’d love to spend time inside if I knew it’d be safe.

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Eastern Penitentiary in Philadelphia, about 120 miles southeast of me, is supposed to be haunted. A girl I was friends with lives down that way and said she was scared in there. We were considering going there around next Halloween so me and my sister can visit it.

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Our high school is supposedly has a ghost called “Toby” who haunts the career technology wing. Don’t know a lot about it but it is a persistent tale.

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@ucme I think every high school has the ghost of someone who hung himself. Ours is in the auditorium, and his name is Edgar.

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@Skaggfacemutt #thesixthsense #hangemhighschool

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