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When you're out and about and away from the computer, how many times a day do you think up great Fluther question?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43077points) January 30th, 2014

I probably think of 5 a day when I’m out and about. Never remember what they are when I get home, but I do think of them! i also often see signs and whatnot that remind me of specific Jellies.

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Probably at least 5 a day, @Dutchess_III. Like you, I also mostly forget them. I almost _always come out of the morning shower with one!

I thought of one today that I remember: “What are those little birds that like to harass hawks, and, more importantly, why don’t they harass eagles?”

I haven’t asked it because it seemed too lazy…I could just look it up. lol

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Once in a while. I have learned to write them down, though, or I forget them!

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About one or two a day. I remember them, I just don’t ask them.

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I’m really grateful for people who can easily spit out questions, because I have a terrible time coming up with them. Every great now and then, a question will occur to me and I’ll get excited about its prospects as a Fluther question, but then as soon as I get to a computer I find the answer myself buzz kill. The very few questions I have asked here were mostly the result of me straining like a woman in labor to birth something someone might find interesting.

If everyone were like me, there’d be no Fluther.

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Hardly ever, which is why I ask very few questions.

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Once or twice, but to tell the truth, most of my “great” questions turn out to be very unpopular with very few answer, while “normal” ones usually produce the opposite result.

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You do know that there are social and general factions on Fluther, don’t you, @Mimishu1995? Hoi polloi vs. the brainiacs?

Once in a while a brainiac will deem to answer a ‘social’ question, and frequently a poor new jelly will stray into ‘general’.

Truth told, it works about like the 2 party system currently in place in the US Congress. There are factions and you know your place, or are put in it.

Short answer, @Mimishu1995? You might stick with Social questions for a while.
Just my opinion.

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@ibstubro I tend to ask more general questions, but answer more social questions.
I find that easier to handle than doing the other way round.
Maybe it’s because I’m still a growing girl trying to learn about the world?

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I have a few in my head most of the time. I just don’t ever get around to asking them.

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Probably zero. I haven’t asked one in like a year.

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Sometimes I’ll think of a question I think will be good, then I keep it in mind. Then I come on Fluther, and I usually get too lazy to ask it. I figure though, I’ll save my energy for making it a good one. whether they are good ones or not

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Yeah, great question. Several times a day, in fact I thought of a question earlier, mentioned it in some other thread and promptly forgot not only the question but what thread I mentioned it on.

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