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What do you think of this video about sneezing?

Asked by flo (10604points) January 30th, 2014

Video regarding sneezing the inside of the elbow, tissue etc.

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There’s also the trick where you sneeze into your sweatshirt. That should certainly block it, too. I think the elbow is fine if tissues aren’t handy in the few seconds you have to prepare yourself for a sneeze. Plus, she wasn’t fully sneezing into her elbow.

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@dxs I thought I was seeing things. This video is more of an ad for tissue paper companies, at the cost of public health.

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” the cost of public health…”

How so?

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Ick… Just… ick!

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I saw that clip on the news the other night, it was pretty disgusting. haha
Unless you’re an old fart with a bountiful supply of kleenex up your sleeve at all times the average person is just going to let ‘er blow and spew forth making do with their hands or arm. lol

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I’ve chosen to sneeze into my elbow for years.

I don’t know of a scenario that’s more practicable.

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At this time of year I have occasional unpredictable sneezing fits, brought on by allergies. I keep tissues in my purse but have occasionally had a paroxysm in public. Better a block from a sleeve or the back of the wrist than the spray-in-a-five-foot-arc scenario

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Not so difficult to determine which is best, however we don’t always tote around tissues in anticipation of the sneeze so I guess we should all wear our rubbers just in case (no, not THOSE rubbers).

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What a garbage video, OMG

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Thank you all.
Into your sweatshirt (from @dxs post) a great way which should be common practice I think.

Would anyone please describe how to successfully avoid sneezing completely?

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@flo Sneezing is a natural bodily function. But I heard saying “watermelon” can prevent you from sneezing.

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Not a WORD

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You can stifle a sneeze, You can prevent a sneeze too. You just have to know how to do it. Apparently it is not like voiding, sweating, for eg. those bodily functons you absolutely can’t avoid, and you wouldn’t want to.

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Stopping a sneeze isn’t the best thing to do, though. I’m sure your body has a good enough explanation for wanting to expel something.

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@dxs You could very well be right if you’re referring to when we have cold etc. but not so much with one of those one off sneezes I’m guessing.

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