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How are carbon emissions harmful?

Asked by TarressaMuffet (1points) January 31st, 2014

Bad Effects of Carbon Emission on Health

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50% of all CO2 released into the atmosphere is absorbed by the oceans. The ocean absorbs half of all carbon released into the atmosphere. This drives up acidity levels which reduce the ability for crustaceans and molluscs to form shells. These creatures form the basis of the ocean food chain that supports marine mammals such as dolphins and whales. There are many other reasons due to which carbon emissions are harmful. This paper discusses many problems related to CO2 emissions

“link” http://www.researchomatic.com/carbon-activities-118146.html

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CO2, like all greenhouse gases does not absorb light waves (like those emitted from the Sun as Sun light) however when that sun light strikes the earth it is converted into heat waves which are radiated back into space. This causes damage to the ozone layer.

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Yes. And that is known as the greenhouse effect.

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