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How did Ludwig Van Beethoven compose?

Asked by LuciousGranger (1points) January 31st, 2014

How did Ludwig Van Beethoven compose? He was deaf, wasn’t he?

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He wasn’t hearing impaired until he started working on his 5th symphony. That was when he got a hearing problem and was unable to understand voices clearly. By the time he was done with the 8th symphony, his problem escalated to the point where he was completely deaf. His 9th symphony which was the most famous among the others, was composed while he couldn’t hear at all. Go to this page and read about him, his life is fascinating:

“link” http://www.researchomatic.com/ludwig-van-beethoven-78581.html. Moreover, watch a documentary about Beethoven if possible.

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He composed music long before he was deaf.

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No way can a deaf guy compose. That happens in the movies only.

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After he died, he composed. He erased all his work.

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