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Why are my nipples round and pointed?

Asked by 2TFX (435points) January 31st, 2014

I am a male and this is something that bothers me when people see it.

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Round is normal. How pointed? Like an ice cream cone pointed? Your nipples are not functional. so it really doesn’t matter what the shape is. They are vestigial.

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So… how many questions about shirtless boys need to be asked before this user is banned? This is either a child or a troll.

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Tell the mods.

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I think I’m all out of mod cred.

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They’re understaffed and overwhelmed with spam but trying their best. (33˚ F here today…thrilling. I may wear my bikini or go shirtless,)

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Yes, but I’m sure you don’t care what others may think or say about it. :P

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I do, particulary when it is a group of girls driving by in a convertible. Does anyone have square nipples?

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Yes, you need to either grow out of your preoccupation with your own body or leave this site. You are boring.

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