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Is "biobreak" the new "stepping out for a moment"?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22417points) January 31st, 2014

Interesting sociological phenomenon I have noticed among people at work. Rather than using:

‘stepping out for a moment’ or ‘using the restroom’ or ‘taking a leak’ or even ‘pointing Percy at the porcelain’, there’s a new euphemism being used—

“needing a biobreak”.

Is this any better than the rest? Do we need euphemisms for this bodily function?

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This is the first I’ve heard of “biobreak”. Then again, Percy is a new one for me too.

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That’s a new one for me too. It sounds like 10 pounds of crap in a five pound bag to me. Just say you have to go see a man about a horse. Ladies can adapt that as needed.

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I prefer to “visit the ladies room”.

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What haha? Sounds like a word you would use to describe a zombie outbreak fueled through biological means or something.

Also lol, pointing Percy at the porcelain.

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I am on an industry committee that has some Tech representatives on it. They use “biology break” all the time.

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That conjures up an image of people heading to the bathroom in Hazmat suits. Then again with most public bathrooms you need a Hazmat suit!

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We’ve been using that for years, and believe me, I do not work among trend-setters.

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I first heard “bio break” on Teamspeak/Ventrillo etc when playing World of Warcraft.

Someone would “brb bio-break” or “Need a bio-break. AFK a minute.”

It was mostly Scandinavians and Dutch players, and this would be going back 6 or 7 years or so when I first heard it used. In later years it was abbreviated to just “bio!”.

I’ve not heard it anywhere else.

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I like “biobreak”. That’s my new word. Thank you.

My family used to use “10–100,” which they claimed was CB radio terminology. Maybe @Squeeky can confirm.

I have taught my son the appropriate ASL handsign for “toilet”, to avoid having a shrill 5-year old voice crying out exactly which biological function needed to be served in a public place.

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The only place I’ve heard “Bio break” is when playing MMOs.

Bear in mind that many people are poor, slow, and/or lazy typists, so the briefer the better. However, just going AFK may be seem as an asshat move while “biobreak” is seen as a valid reason; a full bladder is a more legitimate excuse to leave the game for a moment than just a sudden urge to wander off.

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Yep same as @jerv

Though a lot of times I say “I have to go powder my nose”

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@anniereborn 23 letters and 6 spaces versus 8 letters and an optional space….

You have 0.75 seconds to type one; which do you choose?

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why do I only have .75 seconds @jerv ?

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@anniereborn In situations where time doesn’t matter, neither does brevity, so your way is fine under those circumstances. And if you can’t grasp how time matters in some games, I don’t know how to explain it any better than I can explain colors to a blind person.

Do you even game?

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@jerv I am in Second Life. I don’t normally do anything with that much of a time constraint. If I ever did it would be “brb”.

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BRB is super annoying when you’re questing and have a job to do, and other people are relying on you to accomplish a task.
BRB? Why? Are you answering the door for the pizza man, or taking a shower, or going to work?

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Exactly, @Seek_Kolinahr. Even in non-time sensitive situations, BRB is usually some kid who is going AFK just for the hell of it and won’t be back for a couple of hours. Maybe it really is a sudden, short-term thing like a pizza guy or getting the cat off of the fridge, but most BRBs I see are never right back; average is about 20 minutes, and sometimes I wander off in-game and five hours later get a /tell that they just came back!

In other words, BRB is, at best, vague, and often abused enough that BRB is often read as “Screw you guys, I have better things to do!” unless used within a group that is personally familiar with you, like a guild or clan. And if you are in a vital role on a team action, like a healer on a boss fight or an outpost Battle, BRB is even ruder; you’re actually walking out on a job that you said you’d do. Go up to your employer at a random time during the day, say, “BRB”, and just wander off somewhere for a few hours. See how well that goes over.

Biobreak is somebody who has a definite and immediate need to go, but will be returning shortly. We know that you have a very valid reason for your absence, but also that you will be back in a reasonable amount of time.

Second Life, eh? That doesn’t even qualify as gaming. It’s a virtual world and nothing more. If Second Life is a game, the so is walking down the street. When Second Life has PvP, wild animals, and/or open warfare, along with win conditions, I might change my mind.

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Oddly enough, I’ve tried out Secondlife, and while I can be open and awesome in game world, all of the same awkwardness and social quirks I show in real life, I feel in the SL world as well.

Playing myself is no fun. I’m already myself and I’d rather not be there.

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@Seek_Kolinahr A common phrase from me in Ryzom is, “I have an idea. Get ready to run!”, followed seconds later by explosions, fire, being chased by large things, and general chaos. IRL, I am not nearly so reckless.

Therein lies the difference between SL and actual gaming; being something other than yourself. And I’m not talking the typical internet false persona where everybody is handsome/pretty and rich. I am not the commander of a T49 tank destroyer, nor a special forces operative, nor a Tryker, a Shadowrunner, or a Dragonborn in my daily life, but when I game, I get to be those things and not just a pixelated version of myself like SL.

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I never said SL was a game or that i was a gamer. I was just saying that I use “BRB” in that virtual world. I don’t need to explain why. But that is when with friends who know I am not gonna just walk off and not come back.

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@anniereborn There is no such guarantee in most games though. It’s a little different dealing with my guildies than with most others for that reason; I know my guildies, but most of the BRBs I get from non-guildies tend to stretch for 20–2000 minutes.

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For us non-gamers, brb is acceptable. If I ever start gaming, I’ll have to learn the lingo. Sounds stressful.

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@Juels After a few years in the military, a few years as a machinist, and a few decades as a car buff and a computer geek, I’m used to all sorts of lingo. Compared to that, gaming lingo is easy.

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