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Have any of the art lovers here heard any buzz about this movie?

Asked by stanleybmanly (16410points) January 31st, 2014

The movie is supposedly released, and has very enthusiastic reviews, but I can’t find showtimes (or showplaces)

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The masters spent years studying in ateliers and studios and mastered drawing from life.

Vermeer was funded to attend a Guild school and had to master drawing methods in order to move on to complex painting techniques. It would have been faster, easier and less effort for Vermeer to draw from life than to use this technique.

Gregg Kreutz Answers David Hockney – Richards, Kirk

The line in a Warhol drawing resembles a line in an Ingres drawing. .... people, Hockney now must drag herds of previously innocent old masters into his… Its simply bad logic. ... Still, Hockney has no evidence that artists used these lenses.

A Return to the Hockney-Falco Thesis
by Miles Mathis
“Do you know how a man makes his way in the world? Either by the splendor of genius or theadroitness of corruption. He must burst like a cannonball into the ranks of his fellow men,
or he must glide in among them like the pestilence.—Balzac”

Hockney faked his art school degree as well. He is not a respected academic source

“Despite the fact that a large part of the artistic community and the scientific community found the thesis ludicrous and offensive, it was almost immediately worked into the syllabi of art and art history classes at all levels, including the undergraduate and graduate levels at university. Students in many courses all over the world are now taught this thesis as fact. This was achieved mainly through Hockney’s stature and name recognition in the avant garde. As Tom Wolfe pointed out many years ago, the inner circles of art moderne are quite small and clubby, cultish even. Facts have never been of primary concern in this circle, and the coursework, like the propaganda, can be tweeked to include almost anything, the more absurd the better. ”

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Ah thanks for posting about this. There’s buzz in my world now :) It’s great that you’re posting about art on Fluther!

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@MadMadMax Thanks for the passionate exposition and defense of the Masters. I particularly like the Balzac quote.

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You’re welcome. Who was it who coined the phrase “Consider the Source?”

This is a guy who faked his art degree – literally made it himself. And came to this massive conclusion based on the fact that a piece of work done by an old master was similar in ways o one done by Andy Warhol.

If this was his thesis for a masters – he’d have been refused. It’s based on nothing tangible.

It infuriates me since I know that people can today master these drawing methods and whip them up easily as they mature, and can produce work that reflects the methods and style and materials used by Rembrandt and Vermeer. I spent quite some time amongst students of this genre so this is pure nonsense. Grrrr

It degrades the work of those few who paint exclusively from the live model without any lenses or mechanical devices.

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Yes, I’ve heard about it and I’m curious to see it. We saw a Vermeer exhibit a few years ago and were really amazed.

The indie theater near us had it in their “coming soon” display. According to imdb, it’s in limited release. The official page lists cities and dates of release.

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@hearkat Thanks for the tip. I saw Tim along with Teller on Charlie Rose, and the conversation was intriguing. I’m surprised that there is so little hype about such a bombshell of a topic.

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@stanleybmanly – It doesn’t involve a bubblegum pop star; therefore, it doesn’t get hyped.~

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