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Why do we Americans just accept whatever it is the military is doing with our soldiers?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) January 31st, 2014

Before answering the OP please watch this Budweiser commercial in full.

Now, I love my country don’t get me wrong. But doesn’t commercial entail what is really going on? A young person joins the military, is told what to do without questioning back and sucks it up and is given a paycheck. Sometimes at the expense of someone else’s life, most of the time not.

But look at that commercial, he comes home and they are so proud of him. Why though? Because underneath the surface he could’ve died for a machine that what? Most of us feel powerless against?

Coming back home from Iraq or Afghanistan is a huge deal in my opinion, but are we as American’s doing everything we can do ensure that they might not even have to be there? And if they are there shouldn’t they get the best armored suits possible to prevent blown off legs?

What are your thoughts? Non-Americans feel free to weigh in.

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