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Rock Band or Guitar Hero III setlist?

Asked by Nathanael (289points) June 29th, 2008

Which is better in your opinion?
The Rock Band Setlist,
or the Guitar Hero III Setlist?

Just Curious

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welcome to the exquisite world of taste, a place where everyone has his own opinion, and where right and wrong doesn’t exist, you just entered that world

or…it’s your pick kid…

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I’ve always liked the setlist in Guitar Hero III the most.

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I second that!!

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Rock Bands is way better, plus they have new downloadable content every week

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I like the set list on Guitar Hero III better, but Rockand is a better game.

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The downloadable content alone puts Rock Band in its own class. It allows the developers to take bigger risks with their song choices (the entire “Doolittle” album, for example) and keeps the game fresh.

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Ooh I like the look of the Rockband list

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by the way, rockband 2 will probably be hitting around september, just to make the choice a bit more complicated…

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I haven’t even seen the first Rockband for sale anywhere yet… we’re a bit behind in Tasmania :P

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quick question. WTF is the difference between guitar hero and the one with aerosmith… really.

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the songs and the people you play with etc, it’s just guitar hero with an aerosmith flavor..

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Rock Band, dingo.

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I just bought GH3 yesterday, and I’m loving the soundtrack even more. The unlockable songs (ones you can buy) are familiar, and with some bands I really love. (like Senses Fail, The Sleeping, and Rise Against)

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@intro24, dont answer my questions, dingo

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can u could choose both?

if not, Rock Band coz DLC is much better

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