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How to lose weight ?

Asked by drpetrov77 (1points) February 1st, 2014

I want to lose weight effortlessly

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waiting for the spam.

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Don’t you think that, if there was a way to lose weight without effort, there wouldn’t be as many overweight people as there are? You can’t lose weight effortlessly. It’s hard work. If you’re not willing to put in effort, the weight will never come off.

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Do you really want to lose weight effortlessly at any cost?
If so, just sit there and order any weight loss products you want. Really effortless: you don’t have to go to gyms or take exercises, just sit there and eat. Do it at your own risk.
If not, then stand up and take some exercises and start a diet plan now!
In short: You really expect to gain something without working for it? There’s no such thing as losing weight effortlessly!

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@jca Is it some kind of joke or are you implying that… ?

Response moderated (Spam)
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@jca * sigh * I guess you’re right after all…

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@Mimishu1995: This is a question set up for spam.

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They can’t even spell “coffee.” What the fuck?

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@koki4a Thanks for the recomendation but I’ve used your “green coffee” things before. AND IT DOESN’T WORK AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I turned it into a lurve party. Lurve for my old Jelly friends. No lurve for the spammer.

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@jca Thanks a lot. Do it now!

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Turn your head to the left. Then turn it to the right. Repeat this exercise every time you are offered something to eat.

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@jca Should I flag this whole question now?

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@Mimishu1995: I flagged it as soon as it was asked, because to me it’s obviously not a real question. It’s a new user, some kind of “Dr” name, and it’s a set up for a product push.

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@Mimishu1995: Give everybody spam except the newbie. Lurve party!

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@jca * kneel down * Master! You see through it even before I can realize it!

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You could be our Fluther bodyguard jca and Mimshu could be your sidekick.

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Step 1. do not eat.
Step 2. continue step one until desired weight is achieved.

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