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Aside from musical talent what do the large corporations look for from musicians?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) February 1st, 2014

I’m wondering what is taught in music business and what they expect from their musicians?

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It’s all about profitability and marketability. They expect them to produce a commodity that can be sold at high volumes.

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mass appeal, good voice, exceptionally good looks
talent is only a tertiary criterium.

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A willingness to not talk about how Max Martin is going to be writing all of your music and you will not have any creative control.

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@ragingloli Totally that, I was watching some new video’s that have dropped with all the women pop stars and it’s all about stripping down to a bare minimum now…

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The same as they expect from anyone else:

“You’ll do as you’re told.”

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The ability to move units, drive revenue, maximize profits, and keep a select group of individuals very, very rich.

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Appeal to 13 year old girls and their sexually repressed mothers.

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Pretty faces and flat tummy’s. The ability to sing does not factor in because the music gods gave us auto tune.

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I really don’t get the obsession with auto tune. Anyone who thinks it’s a substitute for real singing needs to have their ears checked. It completely flattens the life out of the vocals. Makes the vocalist sound, well, almost robotic really.

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Broad appeal & a gimmick, crossover like t swift, good looks. With Miley you see all the ways it sucks today.

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