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You have two weeks to live. What would you do in that time?

Asked by Aster (18220points) February 1st, 2014

This may have been asked before. Many people say they would spend as much time as possible with their families. I would probably be drawn into doing the same thing but, while I was with them, (and without them) I’d be eating everything I love non-stop. I’d look so foolish (who would care) as I stuffed myself with cake with buttercream frosting, corn dogs, cheeseburgers, hot fudge sundaes, Margaritas. What would you do in your last two weeks if you had no pain and no hope? You can still talk, cry and pray with a mouthful of spare ribs.

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Find a great home for my 2 beloved cats, say “Fuck it all” to bills and responsibility, spend as much time as possible with my daughter, eat and drink myself into oblivion and then, lie down and peacefully depart this insane world. lol

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Hookers and blow. That’s what I’d do.

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Yes, ala @Coloma…one of the most important acts would be to find a suitable home for my cats.

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I didn’t think about finding a home for my dogs because I take it for granted that my daughter would do it if she knew my circumstances. Of course, I’d never abandon them and they would be given away as a pair of dogs. They grew up together.

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I would tell people I have 3 weeks to live, than tell them to come to me in 15 days and I’ll tell them where I’ve hid a million dollars.

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I’d party like it’s 1999 bro.

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In actuality I’d probably have to revise my will and get started on planning the distribution of management of the company and whatnot. Ideally though, I’d stop caring about the damned thing called money and spend time doing the things that genuinely brought me pleasure.

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Take out an insurance policy.

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Go to France and dine at the highest quality restaurant. And take my entire relatives (cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents) on a two week cruise to Alaska.

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I have no clue.

I already do everything I want within my budget.

I already live like tomorrow is the last day.

I am dying, well we all are, the last I knew each day I’m getting older not younger.

So it’s just a matter of when the faithful ticker decides to give up on me, maybe in 2 weeks I won’t be here :/

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Probably lay in a hospital bed if I was so ill I only had two weeks.

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I would try to accomplish every single thing I’ve ever added to my bucket list over the years.

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AAA prime ribs all the way…and endless name brand cola.

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First I’d probably get a bunch of V.D.‘s and my liver would suffer. My family and friends would know how much I love them. I’d give my retirement to specific charities, family and friends. I would treat complete strangers to the time of their life. I’d try to set the land speed record on a motorcycle. I would release the four or five albums I have recorded over the years but kept to myself.

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I’d get my passport and fly until the money ran out and the cards were maxed. The Guggenheim in Spain is high on the list, as are the Pyramids, the Amazon River…

And, now that @ARE_you_kidding_me mentions it, I would be “treating complete strangers to the time of their life” every step of the way.

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I’d sleep. I’d sleep all day and all night. Two weeks isn’t enough time to squeeze-in any semblance of a life, so why not prepare for what’s ahead?

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@Bluefreedom . . . Seeing your avatar affects me like a sighting of the real thing around where I live. I get a little excited and nostalgic.

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@Blondesjon I’ve been commenting on the Mississippi River eagles for weeks.

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Go on a diet so I would make a better looking corpse.

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Make sure that my mother, sister, aunt and nephew were taken care of to the best of my ability financially, and make sure that my two cats would be taken care of. I would spend as much time with my loved ones and closest friends as much as I could.

I don’t think physical death is the end of our sentience though, so maybe how some people feel about this topic would affect each of our replies here to such a question.

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I would have to work out, really fast, who would raise my son so he didn’t have to enter the foster system here. But once I got the legal stuff sorted, I would spend all my time with my boyfriend and my son.

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Sleep life off.

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Go camping, fishing, ground squirrel hunting, start smoking – again, give away stuff, go off my diet. Slide home, baby, slide home.

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