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Nerdy Valentines Gift?

Asked by Magic5678 (174points) February 1st, 2014

Okay, I’m in high school, Valentines Day is coming up and I plucked up the nerve to ask my crush casually to be my valentine. He said yes, but I think he kinda sees it as a friend valentine. Either way, I think it would be sweet to get him a small gift in around the $10–20 price range. The two of us battle in Pokemon and we YuGiOh duel a lot, so I wanted to do something cute concerning Pokemon or YuGiOh. I’d really appreciate it if I could get some suggestions for this.

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Oh! And also the two of us are into Dr. Who, if that helps.

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I just love

Here’s: a cool Zombie valentine’s day card.

and Here’s a set of chocolate gaming dice.

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I looked up “Dr. Who PEZ dispensers” because what more could you possibly want out of life? Sadly, they don’t make them. Unfortunately, they don’t make Yugioh or Pokemon either. They do make a Star Trek set. I have one of these. It’s awesome.

There’s a bunch of them on Ebay for cheap. Probably get it and shipping for less than $20.

cazzie's avatar has loads of cool geeky stuff, too.

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yea…. thinkgeek pretty much has ya covered. I hate going on that site :P

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