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Which will break if I threw it?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) February 1st, 2014

Fluther worthy question that is near quip-proof, but if you must, quip away to your happy bliss, enjoy

If I had an ashtray, a quart of motor oil, cue ball, roll of socks, bologna sandwich, a Claude Monet painting, which would break if I threw it? For argument sake, level at standard height of a human male

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It would depend on the material of which the ashtray is made, and how you define “break”. The sandwich would certainly fall apart and probably crumble, but is that considered “broken”? Similarly, the frame and mount for the painting would likely shift or crack, but not necessarily come apart, and the canvas may well stay intact – would that mean it was “broken”?

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It all depends on how far and into what you throw these things.

Off a cliff, bouncing down a rocks into the sea?

The cue ball would probably shatter, the Monet canvas may very well be torn and it’s frame shattered, the roll of socks might or might not get torn, The sandwich may not go very far and just fall apart at your feet. You’d have mustard on your shoe.

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You be really, really bored right now. lol
The roll of socks would break, sheesh….

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I couldn’t possibly explain this to someone who doesn’t understand the world like I do. It would be like playing handball with a salmon.

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Only God can make that determination. And, what she ought to do is kick your ass for even thinking of throwing a Monet. not to mention the socks

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I keep thinking that this question probably has some deeper, hidden meaning. But then I stop and go, dude, it’s just about breaking shit.

My answer is, all of those would break, if you’re a Viking. but the Viking wouldn’t break the sandwich, he’d eat it.

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If you throw that Monet Painting, your neck will break.

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His/her head.

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He wouldn’t break the painting either, @Symbeline – he’d take it home and put it in his “loot to bury my honoured enemies with” pile.

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@Coloma You be really, really bored right now. Lol
Psst…. not really, I just could not ask the real meaty stuff I would love to less it bog down to a comment filled ”quipfess”; which it may still do, yup already happened. I figure this was less controversial enough and just Fluther style not to cause a ruckus and it is 5 lurve so it is all good. Just don’t tell anyone.

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@Seek_Kolinahr His afterlife loot.

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