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When do you know your addicted to sex?

Asked by mb6602 (5points) July 11th, 2007 from iPhone

I can't get through an hour without thinking about sex. It really affects my mood in a negative way when I don't get it every day do I need help?

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Well, thinking about sex constantly is normal. I feel that way(29 year old male). Having those thoughts affect your normal behavior is odd. I would talk to someone if you have the means. For example: if you were fooling around with a woman would you be able to stop? If your answer is "no" you need to run to the doctor.

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if you have to ask then the answer is yes

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So you're full of juice. This is a good thing.
Getting it every day is a good thing.
If it's consensual.
Is it consensual?
Talk to me.

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its ok to feel that way - the desire for sex is actually genetic and its perfectly normal if your partner has no problems whatsoever. But with that said (i personally) feel that having sex every single day is a bit extreme

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12 questions to help you determine if you are a sex addict:

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When it gets in the way with your regular life, or starts to cause problems

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