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How can I send a large video file as an attachment?

Asked by Bill1939 (8723points) February 2nd, 2014

I have a three minute video of a local high school function that I want to send to family members via an e-mail attachment. It is less than 43 MB, however, my two browsers, Earthlink and Google, can send attached files only about half that large. Any suggestions?

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Use something like Google Drive – upload it and then share the link.

THere are other options: SENDTHIS, DROPBOX, etc. as well.

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Just finished trying Google Drive. However, it seems that it is limited to text, spread sheets, and power point presentations. I will look into SENDTHIS and DROPBOX as possible avenues, but I doubt that the people to whom I want to send the video have one of these cloud programs.

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The good news is people don’t have to sign up for the service to use your links. The services have options to share a public link.

Out of the list linked below, I am a happy user of DropBox and Box. If I just wanted to share one file and had to pick a new service I think I would pick Mediafire.

TechRadar – Send large files: 10 of the best services for sharing big files

Here’s another good roundup:
Lifehacker – What’s the Best Way to Share Large Files with Friends?

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Thanks, @jaytkay. I will check into TechRadar and Lifehacker now.

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I send a lot of video files and use Dropbox. It’s free for up to 50GB of space.

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@Bill1939 Googledrive isn’t limited to text, spread sheets, and power points. I recently went on a trip to Saint Thomas and had limited HD space on my laptop. I made 4 diff gmail accounts and uploaded about 55 GB of video. (15gb limit per account)

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@uberbatman, I’ll try again, but for unknown reasons it didn’t work for me yesterday. Is there a ‘trick’ to doing this?

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I just attach the video file to the email like I would any other file and then Gmail will say something like “this file is too large to send, would you like to send using googledrive? Hit yes and then you should have another window pop up. From there you can either drag and drop the files directly in there or click “select files from computer” to browse your comp. After everything is selected just hit upload.

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Free file splitter is a free software which (size: less than 500KB) , this splits any file into any number of chunks. To merge the chunks,you need any one of them. so its simple and easy-
SPLIT->SEND -> Receive ->JOIN !!

P.S.: please do not forget to send the software as attachment also. I use this software to send files more than 4 GB in size, splits are easy to upload and download compared to one large file.

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