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Would you wear a wristwatch from Apple that is called iWatch? Given other surveillance these days, would the name be a negative?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33291points) February 2nd, 2014

Ars Technica has an article tonight noting that Apple is preparing to release its iWatch product (wearable wristwatch that connects to your iPhone, etc.).

Notwithstanding the potential capabilities (built in heart rate monitor, etc.), does the name creep you out?

In this day and age of surveillance by NSA, CIA, and Big Business, is “iWatch” the best name they could come up with?

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No worse than iPad or Wii.

Both seemed ridiculous when they first came out, now people don’t even think of anything but the products they represent.

After someone decided a drug called Aciphex was marketable, I think everyone just gave up the assumption that people care beyond being able to pronounce the word

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No. Apart from it being Apple, it would be far too expensive for a device that has only one function: to tell the time.
I use a cheap 10€ watch from the train station kiosk.

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I really don’t see Apple selling a watch right now. I am sure they are researching one but I don’t really see what it adds. Samsung tried the watch thing and that was a disaster.

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I would wear one, if it gave some kind of benefit that I would use. The Samsung watch doesn’t, really. The Pebble is somewhat interesting but I still don’t have much use for one. The name doesn’t weird me out at all since I was one of those ‘conspiracy nuts’ who believed the NSA were doing all kinds of spying in the first place.

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I think the main point of the device is to be like a reduced function head-up display for your iPhone. In meetings you can turn off the ringer on your smart phone and keep in your coat pocket or brief case and when it rings you can just look at your watch to see who is calling. This would also be helpful when driving in a car or riding a motorcycle or bicycle—or out in public with a date.

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I wouldn’t wear it. I reluctantly and almost hypocritically own an ipad and recently purchased an iphone.

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I’d consider wearing it, if it had the right features.

I have been using the Nike app on my iPod nano, it helps me keep track of my running progress. And I have been considering getting a FitKit or a FuelBand, so if an iWatch had those features built in, I would consider it.

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@johnpowell The tablet was also tried over a decade before iPad existed, and there were mp3 players before iPod…though that may have been more Steve Jobs than Apple.

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@jerv :: I’m just not seeing what the watch adds. Considering the constraints with SOC power and battery it can’t really do much. Pebble is the most successful (smart)watch company and I have never actually seen anyone ever use one.

And I would consider a watch similar to jewelry. I have the wrists of a 8 year old girl. I can’t wear a big watch. They would need to make a ton of sizes to cover everyone.

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