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Why do people celebrate their birthday?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) February 3rd, 2014

What about you, do you celebrate your birthday?‎
Mine is on January 1st.

Thank you so much for your quick answer.

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Meh. I don’t.

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It’s a celebration of being a part of the world and making it for another year.

I would celebrate my own if there were reason to do so. A party of one isn’t as exciting as it sounds.

Happy belated birthday!

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As I grow older, I increasingly dislike how quickly my birthdays come, and how quickly they recede, yet … I still insist on and love being feted or feting myself on that day. It’s a celebration of life.

My penchant toward birthday hoopla goes back to my childhood. My parents, especially my mother, always made a huge deal about it, and looking back, I’ve had some spectacular birthdays. Amazing to realize that as of my most recent b-day, I’ve outlived my dad by 17 years!

Belated happy birthday to you, @Gifted_With_Languages!

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Not really. We usually go out in a date night or something, but no party or cake. I don’t have anything against celebrating birthdays, but we’ve been broke for every one since high school. Maybe this year since I’m out of school and working, but I’m not a big partier.

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It’s a way of celebrating the person and marking the number of trips they’ve made around the sun. Of the ‘holidays’, birthdays are the only thing worth celebrating. I don’t like to make a big fuss, and especially don’t like to have a fuss made for me, but I think it’s an opportunity to express that you’re glad someone was born and is a presence in your life.

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Mine is early January also and I do birthday month all January. An early January birthday is difficult to celebrate. Everyone is tired after all the holidays and parties in November, December, and even New Years. I don’t worry about doing anything on my actual birthday. As a kid it was often my first day back to school.

My parents always made a birthday the most special day of the year, so we have that tradition in my family. Tradition is the answer to your question in my opinion. It is your special day, and I don’t think of it as a Hallmark day, but a personal day. It’s also an excuse to do something special. My exboyfriend celebrated their birthdays and also had parties on their saints day, much like a birthday party.

Back to birthday month. All month long we spend money a little more freely. I buy my husband stuff for my birthday too.

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I haven’t felt like celebrating a birthday since I was 10.
It is a recognition of nothing that anyone else hasn’t done.
The only thing I make sure to do on my birthday is go to the dentist.
Anything else seems too self involved, and I am too full of self loathing for that.

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I do not. My daughter however, insists on celebrating my birthday. So I do, for her.

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Because they can.

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Presents. Need I say more?

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People don’t, rather family & friends gather to celebrate in their honour, be fucking rude, not to mention grumpy, not to join in.

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Because humans want special days. Ergo, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Labor Day, Memorial day and each person has their own Special Day.

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Some people like to live life in the moment and it’s a great way to socialize. There’s plenty of other days not to socialize.

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Each birthday is a reminder that you are one year closer to the grave.
It should be a day of despair, not happiness.

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Happy REALLY LATE birthday! >_>

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I continue to celebrate mine because it means a great meal and a blowjob.

kinda like valentine’s day without the cards

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Your boyfriend must be very happy about that.

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For those who suggest birthdays edge you one year closer to death, all the more reason to celebrate while you fucking can.

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@ragingloli . . . You say that like there is something wrong with it.

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I feel depressed on my birthday. Just like the New Year, it remind me that it is one less year that I’ll be living. I haven’t celebrated my birthday since my Spongebob-themed 5th birthday party back in Kindergarten.

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Cuz dude, free swag.

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