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Need cellphone fast, how do I get one?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) June 29th, 2008

Here is the problem. iPhone just broke, screen does not function at all. I’m going to get the new iPhone on July 11th.

For the time being, what’s a cheap phone ($50–125) I can get, pop my iPhone’s sim card in and be all good?

Help much appreciated.

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Get a go phone. You can buy them at Wall-mart.

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Do go phones have the same amount of features as say a phone from a carrier?

I just want something i can use with my number.

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They can make calls and send texts. That’s all you need if you’re getting an iPhone in 12 days.

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Is there a limit on the texting?

I want to use my own number though.

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You pay per text you send.

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Do you need a credit card for it?

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You pay for it all up front. You select how many minutes and texts you want, and go. (hence the name “go phone”) You can then refill the minutes and texts whenever necessary.

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I don’t see myself doing that. What i really want is a phone that I can buy and use whenever I want, just by replacing the sim card between phones.

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Then go to ebay and find yourself a cheap AT&T phone.

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Sounds ridiculous to no but a “pay as you go phone”.. You only need it for 11 more days.

Why waste money!??...

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I dropped my phone in a bucket of water (not an iPhone). Verizon told me I had six months till my contract could be renewed and I could pay the retail price (in the fine print, cheapest one was like $250). At the store they told me ebay, Craigslist or go to Best Buy where they have some cheap phones (like $50). I believe this might have been the pay as you go but you could put your card in it????? I ended up calling customer support and my phone was under warranty so they sent me a new one. I would call At&T customer support and see what they suggest or check out Best Buy and talk to the Geek Squad (lol).

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Do you really need a phone for 12 days?

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here’s what you do go to the apple store if u bought it in the last year tell them that you lost it and they have to give you a replacement for 30 days free of charge then you can buy another one. Otherwise,go to best buy and bye a mac. I know this Sounds weird and all but here m e out. Sync your iPhone to the mac and then use iChat to call and answer people using your own phone number this requires that you put anyone you want to call in the adressbook.

When you get your new iPhone return the mac there is a 30 day money back guarantee on it so best buy will have to take it back.

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you can get a go phone and put your sim card in and be good 12 days

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