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What is this song?

Asked by bb9335 (98points) February 3rd, 2014

This is probably going to be the least descriptive question ever so I apologize in advance but perhaps someone will be able to help.

I’ve heard this alt-rock (ish) song on the radio a couple of times. To me they sound a little bit like Seether or Shinedown – to be honest I know really none of the lyrics as I’ve only heard parts and just liked the jingle.

The only thing I really remember about it is that in the chorus they say whoa-oh-oh and then there is three little bells. The music itself in this song doesn’t sound very alternative but I know the vocals are familiar to something I’ve heard in that genre.

Sorry if this wasn’t much help, any suggestions?

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Low and behold immediately after posting this is when it came on the radio again. The song is Lola Montez by Volbeat.

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Speak of the Devil and he will show up ;-)

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