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Would you be interested in writing a screenplay with me?

Asked by Mandeblind (420points) February 3rd, 2014

I am looking for someone whom I can work on a screenplay with. I want to direct my first film next summer and I am not that good of an idea-creator when it comes to movies. If you love movies and have experience with writing let me know! Does this interest anyone?

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I maybe interested. At least help out with the idea for a story. Not sure about the writing though. The ideal partnership in writing screenplays I think is when co-writers actually meet and stay in the same places as they write. Think Ben Affleck and Matt Damon who were holed up for months in an apartment.

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Yes. I’m interested. Please tell more or PM me.

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Sure, as long as it’s interesting.

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It was a dark and stormy night….

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Could we try a short story first?

Maybe even a rhyme?

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You can PM me too. I can help with the script.

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Novel idea. Good luck!

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No, because the last screenplay collaboration with which I was involved took a great deal of time and effort, which was subsequently thrown out entirely.

It might work if you invite a large number of people to contribute, on a site like Google Docs or a wiki where people can make changes to documents and the changes will be tracked (an can be reverted)- if you’re a technical person, you can use a VCS like git or Mercurial for this. Make sure you sort out ownership and licensing beforehand. In a situation like this I would recommend explicitly releasing the work into the public domain. In this way no one person has to do too much work, and anyone can revise and use the product. I only suggest this because you’re soliciting collaboration with strangers on the Internet; if you were to work in person with someone you know then it likely would be best to arrange matters differently.

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Interested but I have not dabbled in screenwriting since college an not longer have any of my books. I am sure the directional tags have changed some, but it sounds fun. Tell us more.

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What kind of screenplay?

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