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Can you unlink an Apple device from your other ones?

Asked by janbb (51595points) February 4th, 2014

Lending an iPad to a friend and don’t want it to update from the other machines. If I delete the data I don’t want to share and then he doesn’t back up to the iCloud, I should be ok – right? Anything I’m missing?

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Also, is there a way to delete all the e-mails on it globally? I guess I could do a hard restore but Idon’t necessarily want to delete the other apps.

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I would back it up the way you have it now, then go to General > Reset > Erase all content and settings.

Then you can reload whatever apps you think he’ll be using. Just remember to Delete the iCloud account and sign out of your iTunes & App Store account (tap where it shows your Apple ID and the option to sign out will pop up) when you’re done loading the content your friend will use.

When you get it back, you simply restore from your backup and pick up where you left off.

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Where do I back it up to? I am really not very Apple savvy at all.

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Oh, wow. I didn’t realize that. Is your computer a Mac?

Do you have a ton of apps, photos and personal info on there? If not, you could just disable all that in the iCloud Setting panel and sign out of the iTunes and App Store – after following the backup steps below.

Plug it in to your iTunes. On the grey bar in the left of the screen, the iPad will appear about halfway down. Hold Control + click the iPad (or right click on Windows) and a menu will appear.
First choice will be “Transfer Purchases” – this will copy any new App purchases and updates you’ve done on the iPad since your last backup. This may take a while if you don’t know when you’ve last backed up. If you get a popup that there is an iOS software update available – decline. You want to be sure to back everything up first (I’m pretty sure the software would take you through that process, but just in case, let’s do it manually).
While this is running, you will see progress in the display at the top center of iTunes. On the screen below is your iPad summary that will tell you when your last backup was, and what backup settings you’ve chosen.
When the transfer of purchases is done, click the Back Up Now button – it’s just right of the middle of the screen.
Now would be the time to run the iOS update which would be found in the top box above the Backups box – but it might take a while, so it’s OK to skip it if you don’t have the time.


I made an error in my first response – DO NOT DELETE YOUR iCloud ACCOUNTmake sure you have Find My iPad installed and activated – just deactivate Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Safari, Notes, Keychain, Photos, or Documents & Data in the iCloud settings. Also disable iCloud backup in the iCloud > Storage & Backup tab.

Additionally, you can go to General > Restrictions > select Enable Restrictions and choose which functions to allow (green) and which to restrict (white), such as anything that would involve purchases if your friend doesn’t have an Apple ID if their own.

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thanks. At other’s advice, I just deleted my gMail account on that device. I think that will take care of what I want. Iwill deactivate the the mail and contacts on the iCloud account but will that just deactivate them for this machine?

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Right. Your iPhone will still be connected to the iCloud.
I still strongly recommend transferring purchases and backing up so if anything unexpected happens, you can always restore it to the way you have it now.

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The thing is, I bought an iPad mini so have a “back-up” on there now since that was set up from the Cloud. That’s why I’m lending the iPad 2 to my friend.

Thanks for the help; let’s have lunch sometime if the weather ever improves.

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