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Should I eat something before lifting weights every morning?

Asked by SSS911 (115points) February 5th, 2014

I want to lift weights every morning. I want to burn fat and not muscle. What should I eat before lifting weights 1 hour each morning.

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I would eat a protein based breakfast prior to going to the gym, protein helps to build muscle. This is why you see all those protein powders in the stores.

I would suggest keeping some hard boiled eggs in the fridge so you can just grab one or two before hitting the workout. Its quick and easy and can be kept on hand since you can boil up a dozen in no time and just pop them back in the egg carton after and all you have to do is peel and eat. This way you don’t have to plan to get up earlier than normal to prepare something.

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Some studies also show that consuming caffeine before and after a workout can help burn more calories.

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I have a light protein heavy breakfast before morning work outs or morning competitions. An omelette with vegetables, some lean meat such as canadian bacon or ham, wrapped in a low carb whole wheat tortilla.

You’ll have enough protein to keep your muscles healthy.

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If you are bent on burning fat during your exercise then do not eat carbs including, sugars breads cereals, juices or fruits. But beware your body may be starved for the energy it craves to conduct an aggressive workout. You may feel sluggish but at the same time the body is now forced to seek the fuel it needs and will begin to burn off the next easy fuel to burn and that is fat. You should examine your full daily intake of protein, carbs and calories as that will achieve better healthier results than just carb starving your body prior to exercise.

Here is a good article on the carb/protein dynamic when exercising.

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There are a million ways to answer this, obviously, but I hired an IFP trainer and bodybuilding champ who has been training with Chris Cormier, and he wrote my nutrition program for me, for what that is worth… Here’s a tiny bit of his wisdom:
When you first wake up you want to kick start your metabolism just enough to start the burning process. Don’t eat a lot, about 100–150 calories. I usually eat a banana and drink black coffee, or a fiber one bar. Yes, carbs are important for this meal because it’s an immediate energy source that burns quickly. Once burned off, your body seeks to burn fat to maintain that energy through the workout. Warm up, lift weights, then do cardio. If you plan to break it up into two rounds of exercise a day, do cardio in the morning and lift weights in the evening, followed by another short spurt of cardio. Weights before cardio is key, however. Don’t burn your energy in cardio, because then the slacking off is in the weights. Hit weights, then burn up what’s left.
Anyway, protein heavy AFTER workouts. I totally agree with a 4 ounce cut of lean red meat (I buy a big cut and cut it into 4 ounce cubes that are easy to toss on the grill in the morning), along with a two egg scramble that I have tossed a ton of veggies into (celery, onion, red peppers, broccoli, and mushrooms are my go to, for nutrient reasons). You’re looking at around 350 calories, mostly protein, in the 30 grams range.
That’s already two ‘meals’ before 11am. Eat 6 meals, caloric intake based on your needs, but don’t starve yourself. Eat as many grams of protein as your ideal body weight. For me, that’s 130 grams a day. It’s a lot, you will get gassy, but that passes (haha, get it?).
Long answer, but in short, yes, eat something with natural sugars and carbs right before workout, heavy protein after. You’ll burn off the carbs and protein will build the muscle tone. Do NOT be afraid of carbs, just choose them wisely.

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Body builders don’t drink protein shakes before workouts. They drink them after, to load the protein when the body is seeking it. When exerting yourself, the body seeks energy, which is derived from carbs and converting fat.

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I would and I would drink some juice, too. But not too much.

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Thank you all..I do notice as I lose weight, the same weights I lift seem heavier and heavier. I did read somewhere where this is to be expected. What do you all think. True or False?

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@SSS911 I have never heard that the more you lift the heavier the weights should feel is to be expected. If anything the more you lift the more routine the task becomes and perhaps mentally you are not as motivated to blast through the weights.

The number one reason people slack off or stop working out is lack of mental discipline.

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Come on. Get the real stuff. They just make money for people.

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