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Juicing or smoothies: which is better for us?

Asked by Aster (18382points) February 5th, 2014

I don’t own a juicer but I have a Vitamix blender. I think you’re supposed to put an apple in a smoothie but apples in smoothies aren’t good. In juice I’m sure they’re great. Should we use a blender or juicer? Juicers are a nightmare to clean. And how can we know the best brand?

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Um. Neither? If you want fruits—eat them whole, and in moderation.

Blending cuts the fibre strands and make them ineffective at absorbing the sugar. Juicing separates the juice from the pulp entirely, which is even worse. Fruits are full of sugar. Sugar makes you fat.

I wouldn’t be surprised if those electric juicers, and the popularity of smoothies has made a significant contribution to the USA’s diabetes and obesity epidemic—and people think they’re some sort of healthy alternative.

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Juicers yield only the juice of fruits and veggies which translates into higher concentration of carbohydrates sans the fiber. This may be preferred for people who want high levels of nutrients in their drink which will also provide a bigger boost of energy. Two things will also happen you feel less full and will get hungrier sooner.

Blending smoothies you utilize the whole fruit and vegetable and you get the added nutrients found in the skins and fiber and the added benefit of the fiber for your digestive tract and feeling fuller longer. Smoothies and juicers are great for people on the go and who take the time to blend all the stuff up but I side with @Kropotkin in that just toss it all in a ziplock and eat your fruits and veggies whole while on the go.

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I have to agree with the others. It’s funny, because a lot of people that juice say it’s easier to take a travel cup with them than whole fruit. Really? With the amount of time it takes to pulverize your fruit, you could’ve just eaten it and gotten out the door earlier.

I don’t get the purpose of juicing.

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Smoothies are much healthier.

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Smoothies. Why? Zero waste and far more fiber. And making smoothies requires far less clean up.

When I was juicing, I was throwing away 90% of the food. Organic vegetables and fruits cost about $3 to $6/pound or per bunch.

I sold my $300 Breville Juicer and bought a Vitamix (about $450). One of best appliance purchases I’ve made.

I make my smoothie from organic kale, spinach, celery, collards, peppers, tomatoes (in the summer from my garden), bananas and apples. Other fruits when they’re in season. I add flaxseed oil (kept in the freezer) for satiety value.

I have a smoothie near daily for breakfast. Permanently lost a lot of weight.

I make several quarts at once and put them in mason jars and use one each day.

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My husband bought me a reconditioned Vitamix for $375 and I thought THAT was overly expensive!

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I thought the vitamix was over priced too, then I owned one and realized how powerful it actually is. I was blown away when I found out it can cook foods.

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I got rid of my juicer after using it only twice for carrots and a few apples.
I agree, just eat your fruits whole. I cut up an apple, cantalope and toss in some red grapes almost every night and eat oranges and tangerines too. I love melons and strawberries and blackberries when in season. Forget juices and smoothies, PITA.

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