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How to permanently delete back up files?

Asked by College_girl (917points) February 5th, 2014

I’m trying to delete specific files from one of the back up folders because I don’t want to delete the entire back up. However, when I delete a file, it just reappears again. I shouldn’t have any viruses (just did a norton security check) and I have all the permission needed to delete stuff (I’m the only user for this laptop). It’s a Lenovo with windows 7. Anyone have any ideas?

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I gave up and just deleted both back ups. Thanks anyway!

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Use this free program (BleachBit) to permanently obliterate a file.

You probably already know that erasing a file merely sets a bit that the space on the hard disk is available but the entire file is still on your hard disk. BleachBit will overwrite the file a number of times so that the file can’t be easily recovered except by the most determined experts.

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Think about this for a second. You told it to do a back-up. It is doing exactly that. If you want to have it exclude files or folders you need to tell it to exclude those things. It is actually trying to save you from yourself.

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What @johnpowell wrote ^^ .

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