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Have you ever known of a kid who suffered from Caca Blanca?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36148points) February 5th, 2014

I talked about this with Rarebear on fb and that’s the official term he coined!

My daughter’s 12 month old daughter had white poop and it didn’t smell. I’ve never heard of such a thing. I googled it and scared myself, then went and talked to Rarebear. He wasn’t worried. He didn’t tell me what could have caused it, other than something she ate. (Duh, no shit Doc?!)

I have told my daughter that if it happens again she should take her in, anyway.

As I said, I’ve already Googled. I’m looking for first hand experiences that any of you may have had with this.

The consistency was like clay.

Also, Dr. Rarebear sent me this video. My folks thought that skit was hilarious when they heard it back in the 70’s. That kind of shocked me!

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Not a kid. But people with gallbladder disease or duct obstruction will have what you described. It is serious in the long term. Not good to ignore.

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Like I said, if it happens again she’ll take her in.

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My friend did for a while. It meant her digestive system was in serious disarray because she had no stomach acid to digest her food.

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What did she do about it? Also, was she in distress? Could she feel it?

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@Dutchess_III I’ll have to ask her and let you know.

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My granddaughter is acting OK. In the last week Corrie, my daughter, took them completely off of formula and they are on straight milk. She’s going to back off of the milk and start giving more juice and water. So we’ll see.

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As I recall, she was not in pain. But I would expect there to be serious gas, so…I really don’t know.

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I’ll try to remember to keep you updated.

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Update..since she backed off of the milk baby’s BM’s are getting back to normal.

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