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What are your thoughts on this NCAI approved commercial? Does it change your stance regarding the Washington Redskins name/mascot?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) February 5th, 2014

here is the commercial

I think it’s a great message, one I’ve taken notice of since 2009.

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First: the disclaimer.
I am part Sioux Indian (along with being part German, Scottish, Bohemian, and French). My wife is part Cherokee. Neither of us own casinos.
Tribal names like Sioux, Cherokee, Comanche, and such are not names they gave themselves. They are names other tribes gave them, and usually the names are not flattering. Sioux means “Little Snake” in the Chippewa language. Cherokee means “Those who speak another language” in Muskogee, or “Those who live in mountains” in Choctow. In Ute, the name Comanche means “Enemy”.
So, there is a precedent for this.
On the other hand, no one in polite conversation refers to members of the Indian nation as Redskins.
I have a friend who refers to his wife as a “wagon burner” because of her Indian heritage. I find that amusing, but would not expect to hear that, again, in polite conversation.
Would anyone refer to Africans as Black Skins?
Would anyone refer to Asians as Yellow Skins?
Well, yes, and usually those people would be racist, or at least racially insensitive.
The name needs to change.
The commercial is right.

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Nice PR piece, designed to make various populations feel good about a rather inconsequential social issue.

Does it change my mind? Not at all.

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I wonder if the NFL would approve of the new mascot “The Washington Slave Owners?” It would feature a white redneck ripping a black child from her arms to sell at auction. Alternative idea: “The Washington Smallpox Blanket Traders.”

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