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How to modify car so it will play audio from a flash drive?

Asked by Questionsaboutstuff (265points) February 6th, 2014

I have a fiat panda with no USB slot for the radio, I’m wondering would it be possible to get my radio to play audio from a flash drive with a few modifications or would I need a new radio to do that?

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I have a small adapter that plugs into the lighter that accepts sd cards and usb. and plays them through the existing radio. It was relatively inexpensive and works ok although it assuredly produces sound of a lesser quality than one that is wired in directly.

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You didn’t tell what year the Panda is or what the current radio is.

The cleanest is a after-market replacement radio. The adapter @rojo is talking about is a FM converter that transmits ( Read Lo-Fi not Hi-Fi ) on a frequency to your radio.

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A new radio is in your future.

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Very good answer, I didn’t realise something like that existed

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@Questionsaboutstuff thanks

@Tropical_Willie is 100% correct, both about the converter and the after-market radio.

I do use the converter (You set the FM station on it and the radio to the same frequency) in times of great need, like there is no stations coming in clear and I left my CD’s at home.

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