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What do you think of public displays of affection?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) February 6th, 2014

Are you with it or against it? Why?

I thank you wholeheartedly for everything.

Thank you ever so much.

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I don’t mind it unless it’s obscene or inappropriate. A couple holding hands or giving each other a little kiss at the mall? I don’t care. A couple groping each other in the movie theater? No one wants to see that.

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Holding hands, a kiss or arms around each others’ waists or shoulders is fine with me. Groping, humping, flashing, grinding – take that home. I don’t want to watch anyone do that.

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Completely disgusting.

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It should be punished by death.

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Why is it any of my business?

The way I see it, if people like/love each other enough to want to display it, good for them. it’s not for me to approve or disapprove.

I’m surprised that anyone would disapprove.

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What @livelaughlove21 said.

@elbanditoroso We had a couple over to visit once. They were newly dating. They were adults, in their 30’s. She sat on his lap the whole time and he was sliding his hand up and around under her her shirt and moving his hips and she was grinding on him. It was like a low grade porn movie and I did NOT appreciate it. It made me very uncomfortable.

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Ok for me, not for others.

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Absolutely. After the 2nd visit I told my husband that I was going to confront them directly about it and tell them in no uncertain terms to quit that shit. But we didn’t see them again for a while, and when we did they’d chilled.

I kind of was looking for @elbanditoroso‘s thoughts, since he said it’s nobody elses business and was surprised that anyone would disapprove.

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Aslong as it’s not a porno audition I’m fine with it.

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Visit any Welsh village & before long you’ll witness some local shagging a sheep on their front lawn.
“Dolly is not only my lawn mower, she is my lover also…isn’t it, look you, boyo!”

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I have no problem with them as long as they’re not inappropriate for the place and time. In church would be a bit much.

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Everyone seems to be in agreement here. Why are there people in our society who don’t understand that, and engage in intense foreplay in full public view.

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@Dutchess_III – I’ve pretty well encapsulated my thoughts above – not sure what else I can add.

Am I disgusted? Of course not. Am I aroused? Doubtful.

I think that there are many things in this world that are simply not any of my concern. People being lovey-dovey is one of those. If it’s mutual between the participants, then who am I to approve or disapprove? Anything else would be an abridgment of their right to be left alone.

On what basis do I have any right to think about their activities?

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@elbanditoroso Left alone? Well, yeah. I should have left the couple, whom we had invited over to OUR house, sitiing on OUR deck where we were all attempting to visit, and gone in the house to watch some TV instead, so they could be “left alone.” Believe me, that’s REALLY what I wanted to do. I was afraid it might seem rude, however.

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Exhibitionists, @Dutchess_III.

I think all public displays of affection more than an occasional quick kiss are best avoided. I don’t really want to know who’s doing who. There are relationship choices that are legal, but I really don’t care to think about. Like Anna Nicole Smith and that old geezer.

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I’d forgotten about her!

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At our family Christmas party 2 years ago, we had some cousins and their teenaged kids, whom we hadn’t seen since they were little, over. The 2 teenage girls brought along their boyfriends. They sat on the couch and either texted or made out the whole time. We were basically strangers to them, because we hadn’t seen them in such a long time. Part of the reason we hadn’t seen them in so long is because they became uber-religious and belong to some outlying Christian sect which believes in end times and they gave up their insurance and other things right before 2000, because they thought they were going to be taken up into the rapture. They were sorely disappointed when that didn’t happen, and again in 2010. Anyway, these folks have regularly spouted off against pre-marital sex and divorce and such. So soon after this party, my cousin got a divorce because her husband was cheating on her, her son got his girlfriend pregnant, then her 16 year old unwed daughter got pregnant and her boyfriend left her, then the 18 year old daughter got pregnant, but at least she got married soon afterward, and my other cousin’s 21 year old daughter is now pregnant and unmarried.

I just thought it was completely out of line to be making out at a Christmas party in front of family members that you barely know (or even if you did know them). It was gross, and ultimately led to unfortunate circumstances. My cousin in constantly asking us to pray for her and her family. Apparently prayer hasn’t helped them much. Maybe keeping their legs shut and their tongues out of people’s mouths would have been a better plan.

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Yes it was totally inappropriate. However, in today’s world no one but the parent is allowed to remonstrate. It really sucks.

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It depends on how much affection.

A couple holding hands or walking arm-in-arm? Lovely. Warm smiles followed by a light kiss? Delightful.

A heavy make-out session, complete with French kissing? Bleah. Pressing bodies against each other or running hands over each other? Get a room!

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I’m ok with hand-holding and walking arm-in-arm, and a quick hug or smooch. Of course, when arriving or departing at an airport (or similar situation), I’m ok with a greater display of affection.

I’ve been with guys who are more demonstrative than I, and it makes me a little uncomfortable. The most awkward was a few years ago when we were out with another couple that have been together at least a dozen years longer than we have, yet it struck me that they could not reach out and hold hands in the restaurant the way we could, because they are the same gender and it is not publicly acceptable. We’ve made some progress in the few years since then, but we still have a long way to go.

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I enjoy seeing people in love and showing it.

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I agree, as long as it’s understated and tasteful.

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@Dutchess_III Like surreptitiously copping a feel?

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They ain’t as surreptitious as they think they are!

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I think surreptitiously copping a feel is rude!
Unless it’s dark

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@Dutchess_III “They ain’t as surreptitious as they think they are!”

I recently saw a young woman meet her arriving boyfriend (or husband) at the airport. They hugged and kissed when she greeted him, and I though, “Oh, how sweet!” Then, the guy put his hand on her rear end and squeezed a whole handful of flesh. The gesture was just too sexual and intimate for a public place. My reaction immediately turned to, “Ugh!”.

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What about surreptitious grinding? Ok? Not Ok? Meh?

can you do that surreptitiously

“Surreptitiously”, my word of the day.

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I don’t have an issue with affectionate display, as long as it is not obscene.
Why shouldn’t people express their affections in public? If you don’t like it turn away, simple.
Infact I like to tease young couples this time of year..I tell them ” be careful, it’s breeding season you know.” That always gets a laugh.

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That’s what everyone agrees with @Coloma.

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I find nothing wrong with holding hands, simple kisses, touching and hugs. Some people do tend to go too far with their affections, which makes me wonder if they’re more into the showboating rather than the acts themselves.

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