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Does Trader Joe's have dry beans?

Asked by LeavesNoTrace (5663points) February 6th, 2014

Trying to cut canned foods out of my diet and still save money on groceries. Thanks!

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As far as I’ve recalled, and then looked up online, they don’t have a selection of individual dried beans, except for Lentils and some mixes including 17 Bean and Barley Mix and Harvest Grains Blend which does have some split garbanzo beans.

You should be able to get dried beans, either bagged or in bulk, for anywhere from 99 cents a pound to about $1.25 per pound at most regular grocery stores and even Costco. One woman’s blog that I just read said that she can get bulk dried beans at Whole Foods for less than she can get them at other grocery stores such as Ralphs. Just check around for the best prices.

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Yes they do, I remember seeing them even at my express Trader Joes

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Yes they do have dried beans but I think it would be much cheaper if you buy it in bulk from some Asian or local grocery stores. Try canning them “dry”, without water. The shelf life is much longer.

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yes they do, I was just at Trader Joe’s yesterday and saw them. In my area anyway.

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