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Is respect something you give out freely until they give you a reason not to respect them?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) February 6th, 2014

Or does someone have to earn your respect?‎

To all I wish an excellent evening.

And, once again,thank you infinitely.

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I start out towards anyone new neutrally. They earn my respect or my disrespect by their actions. And I don’t give out either lightly.

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Respect isn’t something I give out so much as something I feel. I tend to have a certain level of respect for everyone which manifests as good manners and politeness. If for some reason I have no respect for someone then I ignore them as much as possible.

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I am generally respectful toward everyone, buy my respect has to be earned.

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I am courteous to people in general, but respect is on a higher level and is based on experience with that person.

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Respect from me isn’t something earned, it is something lost.
I respect everyone, until they screw up enough for me to consider otherwise.

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I agree with @filmfann. I have basic respect for everyone until they give me a reason not to.

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No fucking idea, that’s just something that happens without ever actually thinking about it, snap decisions are often the way to go on things.

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freely given but once you lose my respect I usually stop caring.

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It really depends on the person, though I tend to be careful these days. Being too nice can make you a target. On the other hand many ‘hard’ people had remarkably opened up to me when I was one of the few people to treat them like actual humans.

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